Hank Bonecutter

Hank Bonecutter

Hank Bonecutter retired from a 40 year broadcasting career in 2012.  As a speaker, Hank entertains audiences with stories from those years, including the rock stars and rock concerts.  The groupies and the record companies.  

His stories include the behind the scenes accounts of how the seventies and eighties were the true definition of, “Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll.” 

Despite his successes, life after radio was uncertain.  What next?  

With no purpose and direction and especially no passion, depression overcame him.  

A chance meeting with a friend at his local Harley-Davidson dealership revealed something that all of his friends had already discovered. 

A motorcycle.  

Thus began a journey that was not only exciting, but it re-ignited his passion, and introduced him to a culture that was genuine and caring and not the self absorbed, superficial world he had spent a career in.    

The motorcycle was a magnet, drawing people to him as he traveled.  Everybody wanted to see the bike. Everybody had a story.

Making new friends who were genuine and didn’t want anything from him.  The motorcycle pulled him out of depression, and he’s never looked back.

It’s an amazing story of how he survived the drugs, the women, and the politics.  How he put his wife through hell, but still managed to raise a family.  And the incredible story of how he got out of that lifestyle before it landed him in jail, or killed him. 

Hank is available for speaking opportunities.  His appearances are for adult audiences and his story includes adult themes, and audiences should be 18+ years of age.  

Rates: Within 150 miles–Gas reimbursement

             Over 150 miles–$250 plus gas reimbursement

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