Dodging the RoadkillEminence, MO – Today was my last full day of riding through this part of the country.  It’s been quite an experience, and I’ve learned so much about the people and the region.

I started the day as usual with a hot cup of coffee, and some morning chatter with the locals. The buzz this morning was about this weekend’s big trail ride, bringing loads of horses and their riders. The rooms are all booked, the cabins are taken, and Eminence, Missouri will be covered with visitors.

They’ll have a big time.

My first ride this morning was on highway 106 where I was treated to a beautiful view of the Missouri countryside.  After 26 miles, I landed in the little town of Summersville.

I then took off towards Rolla, Missouri where the nearest Harley-Davidson dealership is.

I made it as far as Houston, Missouri when I decided to check the weather before going any further. After noticing that they were about to get “hammered” with storms, I turned around and high tailed it back to home base.

Once back in Eminence, I stopped at one of the local restaurants for a bite of lunch, and was told by the locals that I needed to go see Rocky Falls, so off I went.

It took me down some familiar roads, lined with trees and beautiful rolling countryside.  I turned off on a secondary road and for the final mile, I was on a gravel road.  Bikers don’t like gravel.

Missouri Ozarks

Missouri Ozarks

Anyway, after carefully navigating my way, I arrived at a beautiful swimming spot, known as Rocky Falls. This is one of the more popular spots for the locals, as you can climb up the falls, and dive into the water, or you can picnic or lay out on the sand bar.  It was absolutely beautiful.

I then turned back for home as I was going to ride another of the self guided motorcycle trails, but when I got back, the weather was about to change, so I parked it for the day.

Now, I want to shift gears and talk about my hosts this week.  I’ve been staying at The River’s Edge Resort, owned by Alan and Lynet Peters.  This has been their life’s work, putting their heart and soul into this resort.  They’ve been diligent in keeping the environment clean, the water fresh and their land as pristine as possible.

They raised three beautiful young girls here, while continuing to add to their resort, with additional cabins and amenities.  It is absolutely one of the most serene and relaxing places to stay in the area.  Their love for the river and their quest to provide a fun, family atmosphere has provided them with a life filled with repeat customers and life long friends.

As they look to move on from their life’s work, it’s their hope that new owners will love the area as they have, and continue to make The River’s Edge a memorable experience for all who come to visit.

Whether you are a fisherman, boater, biker, or just want a quick getaway, I recommend you come to The River’s Edge Resort.  You will make memories that will last a lifetime.