Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — I’ve been driving for a long time.  Never though have I seen road rage as bad as it is today.  People have been killed because of it.  Something as stupid as cutting another driver off, or following too close, or with motorcycles, tailgating.  I’ve got to remind myself that not everyone loves motorcycles as much as I do.

During my brief journey as a “biker” what I’ve noticed is that MOST motorists are respectful and attentive to bikers.  Most cars get a little “anxious” when a Harley pulls up behind them and they’re quick to move over.  Then again, some drivers go out of their way to make life as difficult as possible for a man on his machine.  When I’m in the great state of Texas, I notice that when I’m riding the back country, and come upon another vehicle, they quickly and courteously drift over to the shoulder and wave me around.

I LOVE THAT!  #respect

Texas back country

Texas back country

I’ll never understand what turns a normally peaceful, unassuming, quiet and easy going person into an absolute ASSHOLE when he or she gets behind the wheel.  We all know them.

I don’t understand what’s the hurry.  Especially when traveling the interstate and traffic is busy and there’s absolutely nowhere to go, but these guys that weave in and out, speeding, cutting us off just to get ahead of the pack.  It makes no sense and endangers us all.

So here’s my take on it.  I know that these people are out there.  I know that there’s nothing I can do to change the driving habits of these idiots.  When I take off on a trip, I am completely defensive and constantly on alert for how the highway will roll.  I understand that safety is my number one priority.  I keep to myself, usually in the right lane unless I have to pass.  I move around “truckers” as quickly as possible and I don’t acknowledge the “speed demon” who jeopardizes my safety.

It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong in a traffic situation.  Most of the time, the biker is going to lose.  Or even worse, die.

I’ve said it before.  Becoming a biker has changed the way I drive my car.  I used to be one of “those” guys.  Always in a hurry and ‘GET OUTTA MY WAY” kind of driver.

Not anymore.

So I encourage all of you to drive cautiously, with respect, and understand that the interstate is more clogged than ever before and you’re going nowhere fast.  Be respectful but most of all be safe.  There are many people who actually believe they DO own the left lane.