Dodging the RoadkillMurrells Inlet, S.C — On a recent trip to visit friends in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, I had a morning to kill, so I saddled up on the Harley and went exploring.  It was my first trip to this part of the country.

I love being anywhere near a beach.  The atmosphere is refreshing, the excitement of being in a popular tourist destination is satisfying, but most of all, the food.  Fresh fish and seafood is a real favorite of mine.  There’s nothing like enjoying a dozen oysters, or a fresh grilled plate of fish that you just know has  recently been pulled from the water.

On this particular day, I needed a lunch spot.  I had rolled through the Myrtle Beach area, done some sightseeing, visited the Harley Davidson dealership, so when it was lunch time, I was hungry.

My friends told me about Dead Dog Saloon.  “You’ll love it” they said.

They were right.

Dead Dog Saloon

Dead Dog Saloon Murrell’s Inlet South Carolina. Photo from

Murrell’s Inlet is described as a quiet little drinking village with a “fishing problem.”  The perfect home for the Dead Dog Saloon and its tongue-in-cheek homage to its mythical canine mascot, Dudley.

You walk into the place and immediately look out into the Inlet, with outdoor seating and an amazing bar.  The hostess knows I want to be somewhere I can smell the ocean, look at the beautiful blue sky and ponder my selection from the menu.

She’s done this before.

I chose to sit just under the awning at the corner of the bar where I could take in the whole scene.  My server brings me a cold glass of tea, and a plate of hush puppies.

Hush puppies are a big deal in South Carolina.  Sort of like bread in some restaurants, or okra.  And they were “Delish!!!”

Not wanting to ruin my appetite for dinner, I ordered Fido’s Flounder Sandwich.  It was grilled to perfection with a leaf of lettuce, some mayonnaise and pickle.  The bread was fresh and with a squirt of lemon onto the fish, I had the most marvelous sandwich you could eat.

My server was a sweet young lady who was excited about finally moving out of her parent’s house and was finally on her own.  She was a delight.

Other popular items from the menu include; New England Clam Chowder, fresh salads, burgers, barbeque, Nathans foot-long hot dogs and a Po Boy topped with fried oysters or shrimp on a fresh hoagie roll.

After my meal, I chatted with a couple of other servers who had visited Nashville, and I continued my curiosity over hush-puppies.  They laughed.

There are literally a “gazillion” food choices in this area, but if you want a winner, then stop in and visit Dudley, at the Dead Dog Saloon.