Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, TN — When I started on this journey, I did a lot of research on motorcycles, packing for a trip, accessories and more.  I watched endless videos, read numerous blogs and narrowed my search for the bike I was going to buy.  I read about the places I would visit and studied the routes that would take me there.

The experts don’t recommend a new rider travel alone.

Just two months after I bought my first bike, a 2016 Street Glide Special, I took off to see my friends in Texas.  It would be a two day ride, and it was the most amazing trip ever.

I was coming out of a bit of depression at the time, and the first few hours of my trip, the tears just kept running down my face.  It was the most exciting thing I had done in years.  I was FREE!  I had found my passion.

When I returned home from that first trip, numerous people commented on my trip.  “I’m proud of you” they would say.  “That was incredible what you just did” they would say.  I couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal.

The experts don’t recommend that you travel alone, especially if you’re a new rider.  If something happens out on a back country road, more than likely, nobody will know about it.  You could run off the road and nobody would notice you.  Get knocked unconscious and unable to signal for help.  Any number of things could occur if you were riding solo.

First of all, if you live your life in fear, you’re trapped.  You only live once, buy the damn bike and live your life!

The thing is, I’m a loner.  I spent my entire career in the public eye.  Everybody in my town knew me.  I like being alone.  I don’t necessarily enjoy sharing a hotel room.  There’s something about being on the open road with nobody else to keep up with, or to take care of.

It’s the most glorious thing ever!

So I think it’s a personal call.  If you’re prepared and that’s what you want to do, then so be it.  There’s nothing like it.  It’s allowed me to think about my life, my career, my family and my future.  In this day of constant “noise” (cell phones, computers, etc.) it’s therapeutic to me to just get away from it all and just soak in all of God’s creation.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.