Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — If you read my story about traveling alone, then you know one of the first questions I get is, “are you packing?”

Well, DUH!

I was never raised around guns.  My father had a couple, but we very seldom saw them  My brother and I were never taken to the range, or deer hunting, or anything.  I’m assuming it’s because we spent most of our childhood as military brats, traveling Europe and Asia.  Was probably difficult to possess a weapon, but I don’t know.

As my son grew into a wonderful man, and he became a big fan of hunting, fishing and such.  He loves guns, so it’s a bit ironic that the son teaches the father, but that’s how this goes.

When I started traveling on my Harley, I had purchased a small, hand held .22.  I called it my “get off me” gun.  I didn’t have a conceal carry permit, but I was allowed to have the weapon on the bike.

Just in case.

But it was time that I got more knowledgeable about guns, the law and the responsibility of being a gun owner.  It was also time that I became proficient with one.

So my son and I started going to the range.  He brought his 9 millimeter, .40 cal, and .45 caliber hand guns and my training began. The 9 millimeter seemed to be the one I was good with, so when I took my conceal carry class, including the shooting test, I was ready.

I’ve posed the question to hundreds of bikers through social media and in person, “what is your gun of choice?”

I don’t have enough room here to list the responses I got.

The bottom line is that we live in a very dangerous world, and whether you go to the grocery store, or travel the country, you need to be able to protect yourself.  You need your conceal carry permit.  You need to be proficient with your weapon.

I have mine and I’m still training with it.  I understand my responsibility.  I understand the law.

But I will defend myself and my family.