Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn —  As we approach Memorial Day, I have some thoughts.  Schools have let out and bikers have saddled up and taken to the open road.  A lot of those bikers are veterans. 

Since I began this journey, I’ve NEVER had such a thrill as meeting all of the veterans I’ve met through this motorcycle.  I ride with active duty and retired veterans all the time and there’s no finer group of people ON THE PLANET!

The reason I’m able to enjoy my Harley and travel the open road is because of the service and sacrifice of the American Soldier.  I grew up as a military brat but was unable to serve.  The military life is a unique experience.  

Soldiers are the backbone of this country and defenders of freedom around the world and when you run into a biker, you’ve most likely just met an american soldier.  

The biggest event this weekend is Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C.  See more here.  

I have several friends who are there and make it an annual tradition.  It’s one of the greatest motorcycle events in the country.   

The American soldier spends years away from family and friends.  They put themselves on the front line of defense, fighting for the freedoms that we have today.  I won’t spend much time complaining about how the veteran has been treated this last couple of years, I’ll just keep it positive, as they are the reason I can do what I do.

As I travel the country, I will invariably run into an old “war dog” who wants to share his motorcycle stories.  How he doesn’t ride anymore, but the memories are what he cherishes.  I ride with veterans who love this country and love their motorcycle.  

Just remember this weekend, when you fire up your grill, or put your boat in the water, or take off with your “knees in the breeze” you can damn sure thank the American soldier for the freedom to do what you want.  Don’t let an opportunity pass you by to thank a soldier.  To thank a Veteran.  To thank our military men and women and to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The reason you’re able to enjoy the fireworks you’ll see this weekend, is because the American soldier endured the “fireworks” of war.  

God Bless the soldier!  God Bless America!