Dodging the Roadkill

Dodging the Roadkill

Colorado Springs, CO — I have always wanted to take a trip out West.  This year I got my chance when I was invited to join a Tennessee couple who venture here each year.

Stephen and Rosemary Walker are a true motorcycle couple.  They both love to ride, and through a mutual friend, we connected and they invited me to ride along.

It took me two days to arrive in Colorado Springs.  I traveled through Paducah Kentucky, to St. Louis MO, and on to Columbia MO, before a severe thunderstorm caused a 90 minute delay.

After resuming the trip, I made Topeka Kansas for the night. 

Early the next morning, it was back on Interstate 70 and the long, and boring, ride West.  

It’s a real challenge, after a couple of hours, to keep alert and stay focused, but the beautiful countryside and some good music kept me on point.

Then I noticed the wind farms.  

I have NEVER seen these and I was mesmerized by how enormous they are.  I pulled over to get a closer look and I was in awe.

These are normal along the landscape here, but I just couldn’t look away.  It was almost “Don Quixote-esque!”

Of course it signaled how strong the winds are here and made the remainder of my journey very challenging.

Once I arrived at Highway 24, it was a beautiful 60 minute ride into Colorado Springs.  

If you’ve never been here, the words just do not describe how beautiful it is.  The first time I topped a hill and saw the mountains and the small towns sitting at the base of those mountains, all I could do was say, “Thank you God.”

Colorado has a free spirited “vibe” about it.  Lots of backpacks and Berkinstocks, bicycles and hiking boots.


The plan is to take in as many miles through the mountains as I can, and enjoy the wide open spaces as only a biker can.