Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Some of the best times I’ve had on my motorcycle have been in my own back yard.  Living in Tennessee presents me with beautiful countryside, navigated on back country roads for miles and miles.  I’m able to cross up into Kentucky, or down to Alabama and the roads and beautiful scenery just keep unfolding in front of me.

When I bought my first Harley last year, I traveled to San Marcos Texas. The first leg of my trip was to travel down Highway 79 and keep off of the Interstate.  I discovered beautiful roads, amazing countryside, quaint little towns and miles and miles of open road.

Before I knew it, I was in Memphis.

This week I had planned a surprise visit to a new friend I had made while on vacation.  A young man who was dealt a hand that most of us couldn’t play.  I wrote about ‘Dusty” in an article posted here.

Dusty Stanfill

Dusty Stanfill

One of the first things I learned about Dusty was his love for his baseball team, the Jackson Generals, in Jackson Tennessee. He works for the team.

So I thought this would give me an opportunity to ride down one of my favorite routes, surprise my friend and as an added bonus, catch a Jackson Generals baseball game.

Leaving Clarksville Tennessee, I take Highway 79 west and off I go.  Traveling through Dover Tn, until I’m greeted by the Land Between the Lakes federal reserve.  It never gets old riding through this part of the country!   Riding a motorcycle through here is so awesome.  The road is surrounded by trees and the smell of the country and you’re embraced by the sun and the smells.  It just doesn’t get any better. 

Once you leave the LBL area, you enter a four lane road where the speed limit is 65 and you’re greeted by a beautiful ride to Paris, Tn. 

From there, you pass through Mckenzie and Martin Tn and before you know it, Highway 79 blends into Highway 70-A and it’s west we go, young man. 

Part of the experience of riding a motorcycle is the surroundings.  It could be the country road, the trees, the lake, whatever you’re surrounded by is what makes this journey special.  Because mixed with all of these sensory moments is the steady noise of my motorcycle engine, “purring” along in it’s mechanical symphony.   

Continuing west, I ride through towns like Gibson, and Humboldt.  I see college campuses, hospitals, restaurants and more.  The weather is fabulous but the experience is magnificent.

I ultimately landed in Jackson Tennessee where i was going to surprise my friend and then get to meet the Jackson Generals.  

The Ballpark at Jackson

The Ballpark at Jackson

It’s a great way to spend a day as both 79 and 70-A are both good roads and the landscape is fabulous, with very little traffic. 

Once I landed in Jackson, I noticed a very clean and bustling town, with lots of restaurants, shopping centers and medical centers that draw visitors from all over the South.

Riding into the Ballpark at Jackson was beautiful.  Their facility sits among a sports complex that accommodates multiple playing fields hosting numerous tournaments which adds to the bottom line for the city.

The Jackson Generals are a Double A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Their park is amazing.  It seats 6,000 fans.  The staff loves baseball and just love being that close to it.  It’s a well run professional organization that wants the fans to have a wonderful time at the ball park.  

Dusty and I spent the game in the press box, relegated to our chores during the game, but we had a great time to visit.  Doing something we both love. 


I want to thank the Jackson Generals for working with me to pull off this surprise for Dusty. I had a blast!

So remember, good riding routes are just around the corner, and it doesn’t matter where the road leads.  

Remember, you’re never lost on a motorcycle.