Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — The battle lines were drawn many years ago.  Motorcycles and cars.  

Who owns the road?  

Well, nobody “owns” the road, and we need to show each other some respect.  And that’s the rub!  For whatever reason, we just don’t seem to like each other.

Before I owned a motorcycle, I must admit, motorcycles intimidated me.  If I saw them approaching me from behind, I got the HELL out of the way.  It was almost like an “uh oh, here they come” moment.  

Not all motorists like or respect motorcycles.  A lot of them just flat out hate them and will do whatever it takes to make their life miserable.  Hence the ongoing battle between the two, and the conflict can result in tragedy.

Most bikers really hate cagers.  Mainly because they aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing.  As a biker, I HAVE to be paying attention at all times.  I can’t afford to be distracted.  It annoys a biker when everybody else on the road doesn’t take their responsibility as seriously as we have to. 

Cagers look at us as rebels, daredevils, or highway bully’s who think we own the road, and you better get the hell out of my way (unless the cager is also a biker, then it’s different). 

I’m not what you would call an “aggressive” rider.  I’m confident.  I don’t go looking for trouble.  I’m going to give you your space.  I’m not in THAT big of a hurry.  I’d rather get there safe and sound and I have nothing to prove to you just because I’m on my bike. 

I try not to give the appearance of “this is my road, get the hell out of the way,”  but, that’s not how all bikers roll and that’s what pisses the cagers off.  

A lot of motorists are already jealous that they don’t ride, can’t ride, don’t want to ride, or their wife won’t let them ride, so they just won’t cut us any slack. Some motorists are just bad drivers.  They don’t have a clue what’s going on around them.  They’re the ones who think the left lane was made specifically for them, or ride 20 miles with their blinker on.  And there are some people who just don’t need to be driving, PERIOD!

Motorcycle Texting

On the other hand, a lot of aggressive bikers don’t paint a very good picture of our culture.  Always “flipping” someone off, revving their engine until the cager lets them by, or giving them “that look” when they pass.  

Bikers don’t own the road.  Cagers don’t own the road. Truckers don’t own the road.  The road belongs to all of us, and on page 12 of the “perfect world” book, we are all respectful of one another, and get along, for the safety of everyone.

Bikers can take the lead on this issue by “toning down” their aggressiveness and riding style.  There’s really no reason why we would want to put ourselves at risk by acting like a damn fool (do you hear me crotch rockets?). 

Cagers could also help if they would just get off of that damn phone, and pay attention to what they’re doing.  I don’t want special treatment, I just want you to respect my space like you would anybody else.  

I don’t care one bit about intimidating anyone out on the road.  That’s not why I’m out there. I’m long past the age where I’m trying to impress anyone.  I want to enjoy the ride safely and avoid becoming another highway statistic.  

Road Rage is bad enough these days without getting on my Harley and causing trouble by being an idiot.

And to you Cagers?  Would you please pay attention and keep an eye out for us?  Hang up and drive and we’ll all get along.  And if you don’t like us, for whatever reason, just give us a couple of seconds and we’ll be around you and on our way.