Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — One of the first things I learned when I started searching for a motorcycle, was that it’s not like  buying a car.  You don’t just play this “back and forth,” “cat and mouse” game with the dealership.  

When you’re ready to buy a motorcycle, you had better know what you’re talking about and know what you’re willing to pay for it.  The game is to get as many “add-ons” as you can.  To strike a happy medium.

I always knew I was going to buy my bike from my local Harley-Davidson dealership, because I wanted to support local businesses, plus I wanted to establish relationships that I could depend on to help me become a better biker. 

I’m not mechanically inclined, so for me to do my own oil change, or any service related job, was out of the question.  Plus, that sort of stuff just doesn’t interest me.

“But you could save so much money if you did it yourself!”

I knew from the beginning that this wasn’t a poor man’s game, to own a touring bike, and if I just had the money I blew on playing golf over the years, I could have bought a fleet of touring bikes.  

I bought my Harley from Appleton’s Harley Davidson in Clarksville, Tn.  I had looked in Nashville, and Paducah, Ky.  In fact, I almost bought my first bike in Paducah.

When I went to Appleton’s to seriously begin this journey, the first person I met was the owner of the dealership.  It was purely coincidental, but from that day forward, they have steered me in the right direction with everything I’ve needed.

From the Riding Academy, to buying new tires, they have always worked with me.  Along with my own research, I’ve made purchases that fit my budget.  I’ve also been given discounts at the dealership.    

Now I realize that the hourly service rate they charge is a bit of a “rub” with bikers, but honestly, when I’m doing 80 mph down the interstate, I want my machine to be running at peak performance.  I don’t need to have any mechanical miscues.  So I have Harley-Davidson trained service technicians take care of my bike.  If that’s something you’re able to do for yourself, I think that’s great.  It’s just not me.

My safety and peace of mind is worth the money I’ve invested in this passion.

So, from the owners of the dealership, to the clean-up guys, I’ve gotten to know them all.  I’ve made new friends that I enjoy, but more importantly, I trust them.  

So I hope you have this kind of relationship with your dealership.  Whether it’s Harley, or any other motorcycle brand.  We’re nothing without good relationships in our life. 

Hope you are enjoying your ride!  I know I am!