Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — I’ve been riding since January 2016.  My first bike was a 2016 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special.  

I LOVED that bike.  I put 32,000 miles on it.  

I took it to Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and all throughout Tennessee.  I had a Stage 1 kit on it and kept it serviced.  It was a magnificent bike.

In 2017, with all the traveling I do, I traded for the 2017 Ultra-Limited.  It offered the new Milwaukee Eight engine, had more storage, heated grips and updated technology.  I’ve put 24,000 miles on it so far.  

I LOVE this bike.

When I began researching this experience, I had decided I was going to buy a Harley-Davidson, and I was going to buy a touring machine.  It was more about the culture than it was the motorcycle, but if I was going to ride, it was going to be on a Harley.

Harley Street Glide

2016 Street Glide Special

When I first rode this bike, I immediately felt the power in the new engine.  While it’s not a 0-60 type of power, when it goes, it goes.  When I take it on the highway, especially the interstate, it hums like a fine tuned machine (which it is).

It rides better, handles better around trucks and just feels more solid to me.  I’m a big guy, carrying bags and equipment, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  

I liked the mirrors on the Street Glide Special better than these, but I got used to them.  The heated grips were a blessing, and the lower fairings are great.  

As I was deciding on which bike I wanted, I had friends tell me about their Indian, or Triumph, or Gold Wing and why they WEREN’T Harley fans, and I respect that.  The beauty of this passion is that there’s a bike for everybody and a brand for all of us to be loyal to. 

I’ve ridden with Gold Wing owners and those machines are awesome.  I’ve ridden with Victory owners, Indian owners etc.. They look like great bikes and their owners love them.  Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same.

I’ve had a stage 1 kit installed, custom wheels and pipes.  It’s ME!  

I’m not a real “technical” kind of guy to talk about the “ins and outs” of the motor, the suspension, and so on.  What I DO know is that I’m happy with this bike.  I’m happy with Harley-Davidson.