Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — The overwhelming devastation that’s hit Texas from Tropical Storm Harvey, has captured the hearts of the world.  I don’t think most people can fathom what’s going on there and how destructive this storm has been.  You’ve seen the video, the images, the stories.

This isn’t what this post is all about.

In my own little way, I just want Texas to know that we’re pulling for you and we’re helping with our money, our prayers, our manpower. Everybody loves Texas.  Everybody is helping.  Everybody is praying.  

In 2010, I lived through an incredible flood in my hometown, but in comparison, it was NOTHING like what Houston and the surrounding communities are dealing with, and we were OVERWHELMED by flood waters and damage here. 

And for Texas, there’s more rain on the way.  #prayers

In the last several years, I’ve reconnected with an old friend who was very instrumental in my success as a businessman.  I’ve traveled to his home, met his wife and family, and had an opportunity to let him know how much I’ve appreciated the impact he had on my life.

With that said, I’ve traveled many a mile on the back of my motorcycle through this beautiful state.  I’ve seen first hand why so many people live in Texas, and why so many people LOVE Texas.  IT’S AWESOME!

I’ve traveled through towns like Nacogdoches, Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, and yes, Houston.  

I’ve seen Galveston, Fort Worth, and Blanco,  I’ve been on the back roads, the four lanes, the interstate.  I’m overwhelmed by Texas each and every time I visit, and there’s nothing better than riding my Harley through Texas. 

So at a time when mother nature has dealt Texans a harsh blow, I have no doubt whatsoever that Texas will survive and thrive!  Texas will be better than ever.  Texas will rebuild and set the standard for other’s to follow.

America is praying for you Texas! 

America is pulling for you Texas! 

America is coming to help!  America won’t let you down!


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