Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn– When I first started riding a couple of years ago, I couldn’t wait to hit the road.  There’s something about traveling on a motorcycle, alone, with just me, the motorcycle, and God’s beautiful creation.  Within a couple of months of owning my first bike, I took off for Texas.  One of my dearest friends and mentors lives near San Antonio, and I couldn’t wait to get out there and show him my new bike, and of course, ride the amazing Texas back country.

When I returned, I had several friends call me and tell me how “proud” and “amazed” they were about my trip.  I didn’t understand what the big deal was.  I’ve traveled many miles by myself and didn’t think anything about doing it on a bike.  It’s SO amazing to just “throttle up” and take off.  The anticipation of the journey is probably the best part of having a motorcycle.  Not being able to sleep the night before.  Packing, and loading up the bike.  Making sure I’ve crossed all of my “T’s” and dotted my “I’s.”

Then when I started to think about the dangers of traveling alone, I started to second guess myself.  Maybe I should ALWAYS travel with a partner.  But that’s not always possible, and since I’m retired, I want to be able to just load up and go!

Then, I started riding in group rides, and while they’re fun and usually for a good cause, it’s not something I do a lot of.  The first group ride I went on, I was almost “taken out” by another rider.  I couldn’t enjoy the ride as much because I was too focused on the bikers around me.  I enjoy the fellowship, but for me, I want to travel.

I know a lot of bikers who travel with their best buddies, or maybe their wife or girlfriend, but my wife still works and she’s not always able to go when I go.  I also don’t have any other riding buddies who can just get up and go on a moment’s notice.

I’m basically a loner at heart and I find no greater thrill than getting ready to take a trip.  I worked my ASS of for over 40 years to be able to do this, and if I want to go, I GO!

Now I DO ride around my home base with a couple of different bikers, like my recent trips to the Smoky Mountains.  Just spending a day locally, I ride with a couple of different guys, and I DO enjoy that.  But the freedom this experience offers me is unparalleled.  

I respect the fact that there are bikers who only ride in group events.  It’s all they want to do, or are able to do.  The fact is, there’s something for everybody, and the passion I have for this motorcycle and it’s culture is something I’ve never experienced before.

So, whether you’re a “loner” like me, or you have a “posse” you travel with, the fact is, there’s NOTHING like this experience.  The people I meet, especially the one’s I’ve met through this blog, is one of the best things that’s happened to me in a long time.

If you want to read my story, published in American Motorcyclist Magazine, go here.

Ride safe my friends and enjoy the road and all it has to offer!