Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Well, here we go.  That dreaded time of the year for all bikers.


Now, depending on what part of the country you live in, this time of the year means something different to each of us.  I live in Middle Tennessee, near the Kentucky border.  Typically we don’t have too brutal of a winter, but there have been times when we don’t leave the house for a few days, much less, think about riding a motorcycle.

I follow several social media groups where bikers who live in places like Chicago, or South Dakota and Wyoming, talk about “winterizing” their bike.  I’ve seen pictures of bikers who live in extreme weather conditions and they have winters that I only see in the news.

The other side of the coin is bikers who live in parts of the country where the coldest it gets MIGHT be 30 degrees.  You Florida and Arizona and Texas brothers get a bigger break than most of us.  The downside to that is, it gets really hot there during the summer.

Everything is a trade off.

In my neck of the woods, we get our fair share of good riding days.  If it gets in the fifties, or even low to mid forties, I will ride.  If the sun is shining, it’s really not that big of a deal.  When you wear the right gear, it’s ALL good.

I have friends who ride year round, regardless.  I just don’t CHOOSE to ride for fun when all I’m thinking about is trying not to freeze to death.  I have ridden in extreme cold, but I was trying to get somewhere on a trip.  Wasn’t that bad, but I was DAMN glad to check in to a hotel and take a hot shower.

My northern friends spend their winters working on their bike.  Adding accessories, or making mechanical upgrades, or even taking their bike apart and putting it back together again.  This time of the year gives me a chance to catch up on work projects.  I’m working on a book and I have clients to work with and other things.

So how do you survive the winter?  How do you winterize your bike?  

I love hearing biker’s stories, from all across the country.  so what’s it like where you are?

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I can’t wait until Spring!