Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — 2018 gives me another opportunity.  An opportunity to shake free of all the ideas and expectations of those around me, and be true to myself.  At a time when we usually make our annual “New Year Resolutions,” I plan to keep it simple.

Be who I’ve always wanted to be and be damned to anyone who doesn’t like it!

These last two years, since I’ve owned my Harley, have been an incredible experience for me.  I never expected to find myself on this journey, traveling the country to not only discover the majesty of our great land, but to get to the bottom of who I really am.

My father died at 52.  My brother was 48.  My mother was 60.  I will turn 65 this month.  It doesn’t take much to figure out that it’s time to peel back the layers, and finally let ME come out.  Where am I going?  What’s my purpose? 

Suddenly you wake up one morning and realize, you’ve worked your ass off, raised a family, paid your bills and where have you landed?  I spent too many years trying to please everybody else and haven’t taken the time to be myself and get to the bottom of who I really am.  

This motorcycle freed me from those chains.

Whether I’m riding around the state, or traveling across country, I’ve been blessed by the people I meet along the way and I’ve said this a million times, I LOVE THE PEOPLE I MEET ON THIS BIKE!

All of you know of what I speak! 

Each time you hop on your bike and take off for a ride, there’s something inside of you that screams to get out.  If it’s just for a couple of hours, or a weekend jaunt, that person is in there and your bike sets it free.  This is what bonds all bikers.

Each of us feels it, and when we pass each other, or look our brother in the eye, it’s there. We see it.  We know!

There was a time in my life where I couldn’t understand why I felt so bad.  I didn’t have any financial problems or health problems, I just didn’t like myself.  When the music stopped, I wasn’t prepared for that “next chapter.”


I had to take responsibility for where I had landed.  I had to “own it” and be honest about it.  It wasn’t all “their” fault. 

Now, you might be happy as a lark, and I hope you are, but I think deep down inside, there’s something missing.  It’s called fulfillment and while it might not come through being a biker, your motorcycle touches your soul, and there it is!

So as I look forward to a new year, new beginnings, new adventures and new people, I make only one promise to myself and that’s to peel the layers off and be me.  I’m not worried about making anybody else happy or living my life to anyone’s expectations.  

Connecting with people from all over the country through this blog gives me encouragement and presents me with hope of better days ahead.  We only get one chance at this and we had better make the most of it.

I had a great career, made a little money, met some famous people but didn’t have passion and purpose.  It’s that PASSION of which I speak.  A passion for motorcycles, bikers, and riding.  Discovering new places, new friends and deeper bonds with my brothers. 

This is going to be an explosive year for me.  To push myself further than I’ve ever been.  To reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in years. 

So many dreams, so little time.   So many miles, so many days, so many opportunities.

Stay with me.  Encourage me.  Love me.  Teach me.  Pray for me.  This should be a helluva ride!