Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — You see this “meme” all over social media.  “Being a biker is a journey, NOT a destination.”  Or, “It’s about the ride, not the destination.”

Have you ever wondered just WHAT this journey is?  Does it matter? 

In my short time as a biker, I’ve discovered that this one theme is the common thread that connects us.  

To me, it speaks volumes about how we don’t ever want the “journey” to end.  We want to ride forever.  We don’t want there to be a “destination” because that implies that the journey is over. 

Too deep?

One of the beautiful things about the people I meet on MY journey, is that they each have their own reasons for being connected to this world through their motorcycle.  Their bike is a sculpture of their personality.  It represents many aspects of their life in many ways.  From the type of bike they ride, to the accessories, the pipes, the motor, the color.  It all represents something unique to that person, and in life, I think there are few things that we hold exclusive to ourselves.

Each brother and sister I meet has a different story, and their willingness to share that story with me connects us. 

It’s the bike!

Hank Motorcycle Mountains


From bad relationships. to addiction.  From military service to business success.  Whatever the story, bikers connect each other with their life THROUGH this motorcycle.  That’s why I always say, “I love the people I meet on this bike.”  Because I do.

I would have NEVER met the people I meet had it not been for this motorcycle.  I don’t care what you ride, or for how long,  If I had just kept rolling along, waiting to die, what would I have experienced?  I just LOVE this connection that exists between us.

It’s the bike!

For me, I’m not running from anything.  I have nothing to hide.  I speak to groups all the time about battling depression and how I fought my way through it.

It’s the bike!  

I meet people online who thank me for speaking out about it.  There’s a lot of pain in this world, but through this magical machine, the motorcycle, everything becomes good and right in the world.

Even if it’s just for a few hours.

Families are failing, children are growing up with one parent and being bullied in school.  Work is more stressful.  The news is always bad.  There’s NEVER enough money, but for a few magical hours, on the back of your machine, the world is ok.  Your life is good.  Your problems don’t overwhelm you.

I inadvertently fell into this lifestyle.  It TRULY was quite by accident.  But, I believe that God has a plan for all of us.  Our purpose is defined by our ability to connect with his will in our life, and become fulfilled.  For me, it happened late in life, but I couldn’t be more grateful.

So I just straddle my beast and press one down and five up and wherever I go and whomever I meet, I count it as a blessing and you are ALL part of MY journey. 

The destination has already been decided!