Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — As I write this post, it’s currently 3 degrees outside.  The wind chill is -3.  Now, I realize there are many of you who suffer through much colder temperatures and more snow and ice, but here in Middle Tennessee, we southerners just ain’t built for this. 

For bikers, this the time of year we all dread.  Having to park the motorcycle, winterize it, or whatever we need to do while we suffer through the frozen “hell” of limited riding opportunities.

I think the beauty of being a biker is that we can mount up and take off anytime we damn well please, but old man winter reminds us, “no you can’t.”

So to keep from going absolutely NUTS, I remind myself that there are better days ahead, and come to appreciate the good weather and the many miles yet to come.

I’ve loved hearing your stories of dealing with winter and how you stay busy.  I’m so blessed to have this blog and all of the social media interaction with many of you and I think it just bonds us closer together to live “vicariously” through one another during this time.

Hank Motorcycle


I’ve met with many other bikers and discussed my plans for the year and just the thought of traveling to Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, California, South Dakota and so much more, just warms my heart.  I’ve been studying road maps, and googling biker rallies and festivals for where I plan to travel.

I’m pretty damn excited.

I’ve also met some wonderful people here who have invited me to their part of the country, and encouraged me to visit their favorite festivals and it keeps me excited about what lies ahead.

Good lord willing of course.

So I’m doing my best to remain patient and just ride this out like the rest of you and make sure I’ve done all of my homework for 2018.  I’ve also been studying up on this amazing culture I’ve joined and learning more about the history of this lifestyle.

Be patient my brothers and sisters, we’ll be complaining about the heat soon enough.