Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Dear Biker,

So, here we are.  You and me. 

I’ve been waiting for you as you visited me and the other models.  You were very careful in your selection as I watched you checking us all out. Going from one to another, gazing at our assets and marveling at our colors.  

I knew when you climbed on my back for the first time that we would be a good fit, but you were unsure.  You grabbed my throttles, you stood me up, you even took me for a spin to see how I could run.  I loved it when you “revved” me up at the stop light.

You liked me best, right from the start, but you weren’t ready for a commitment, so I waited.  Then, they came and spruced me up and got me ready for you.  When you came to get me, I was so excited.  

We are going to have so much fun! 

You know how much I love to run. You knew I would go anywhere with you.  You know I would never say no to you and would go all day and night for you.

You even prepared a safe and secure place for me to stay.  You would NEVER leave me outside while we waited for our next adventure. You kept me clean and running in tip top shape.

So, let me ask a couple of things of you, to insure we have a long lasting relationship.

Please don’t ask me to do things I’m not capable of.  I can only run so fast.  I can only take corners at a certain speed, before I need more room to run.  I wouldn’t want to run into another motorcycle, or, heaven forbid, A CAR!

If you keep me fresh with oil and spark plugs I will be a beast for you.  I love new shoes when the old ones wear out. 

If you keep me clean, I’ll look better than the other motorcycles out there.  I don’t even mind if you touch me up with an accessory or two.  I like to “show off” when we’re out, and even though I see you looking at the others, I know you love me the best. 

I beg you not to take me out when you’ve been drinking, or partying too much.  I can only do so much to protect you, but since you are in control of this relationship, I trust you will be responsible with me.

I DO like to have fun, but I have my limits.

Now, let’s begin this relationship and enjoy the many miles we have together.  I can’t wait to see where you take me.  I love to explore and see new things.

I can run when it’s hot and I can run when it’s cold.  I don’t even mind getting wet.  Wherever and whenever you want me, you can have me.

I don’t ask much.  Just love me, and take care of me.  I’ll be here as long as you want me.


Your Motorcycle