Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Attitude!  We’ve all got one.  Our attitude towards our family.  Our attitude towards our faith.  Attitude at work, and on and on.

But our attitude on a motorcycle is quite the different experience. 

I think all of us have an image of who we are as a biker, how we carry ourselves, how we ride, even WHAT we ride, but our attitude as a biker is quite different from our “normal” life.

Or its it?

My attitude starts the moment I decide when and where I’m going to ride.  I think about it the night before, most nights not being able to sleep as well because of it.  I can’t WAIT to throttle up and hit the road.  The anticipation is overwhelming.

How do you approach the way you ride?  That’s attitude.

How do you approach the way you dress?  That’s attitude.

The way you carry yourself when you’re on your bike.  When you’re at a rally or a festival.  That’s all attitude.

I love it.

Our motorcycle is an escape from our normal existence.  It conjures up images of Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, James Dean and other iconic movie stars.  

Peter Fonda anyone?

They glorified the culture, the bikes, the bikers, the “bad boy” image and I think we all surround ourselves with that imaginary “attitude” that we gleaned from the big screen.

I don’t think many of us haven’t been riding down the highway and a high rate of speed, with our woman on the back, and haven’t at least for a quick second, imagined we were one of those iconic movie stars.  

It’s an image, but for us, it’s our attitude. 

Our attitude between other bikers.  While we may disagree with their style or their bike, our attitude is, “he’s my brother and I’ve got his back.”

Attitude.  Call it cocky, confident, arrogant, or whatever, but if you’re a biker and you don’t have attitude, then you need to check yourself. 

I love this culture, the brotherhood, this lifestyle, it’s my life and I want all of it I can get.

And I want to be your brother.  

I’ve got your back!