Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — I had an amazing night last night.  I went to a crawfish boil, sponsored by one of the local Motorcycle Clubs.  The Subdued Few sponsored an open house and it was open to “anyone and everyone.”

Let me give you the back story.

If you’ve been following my journey here, (and I appreciate that you do), I wrote a series of articles on “Biker Gangs.”  If you didn’t read the stories, they’re here, here, and here.  I would recommend that you read them first before you continue with this article.

The first mistake I made was in the title.  While that’s the common reference to motorcycle clubs, or groups of bikers by the general public, it was misleading.  It wasn’t right.  I made a LOT of mistakes in the first article.  

I admitted it and corrected it in the following two articles, along with a lot of other “misperceptions” about motorcycle clubs.  I got “called out” by a number of people after the first article, and rightfully so.  As a journalist for the majority of my career, I always want to report the truth and get my facts straight.  

Subdued Few

Subdued Few Crawfish Boil Open House

I was a bit disappointed that I “dropped the ball” so hard after the first column.

The local motorcycle club that stepped up to show me the truth and help me better understand motorcycle clubs was “The Subdued Few MC” here in Clarksville.  #respect

I had lunch with one of the members and we had a GREAT visit and I came away understanding what I hope many of you will better understand about motorcycle clubs(read the final article referenced above).

I’m the first to admit that owning a motorcycle is NOT for everyone and I’ve said it a million times, I NEVER expected to be on this journey at this stage of my life, but I wouldn’t change a thing. 

I also understand that if you DO ride, that being in a motorcycle club is NOT for you either.  I’m an officer in my local Harley Owners Group and I barely have the time to participate in that group, but I enjoy it.  I’ve met some AMAZING people and they’re like family. 

Then again, bikers are brothers.

Subdued Few

Subdued Few MC

Last night, The Subdued Few MC hosted an open house at their clubhouse.  It featured a crawfish boil, music, fellowship, pool tournament and just a good old Saturday night get together.

I had a BLAST!

There were only two members of that club who knew who I was, but the moment I walked up to the entrance of the club, I was greeted by several people and it went on and on and on. 


When I located the members I knew, it was like we were long lost friends, seeing each other for the first time in a long time.  Music was playing, beverages were flowing, crawfish and shrimp were cooking and people were just having a good time. 

Isn’t that what you do in your friends do?  Maybe your civic club, bunko group, country club or VFW?  

Society continues to have a real problem with bikers, and like anything else, it’s due to ignorance.  I used to have the same misperception, but then I fell in love with the culture.  We’re seeing it on a national scale right now with the gun debate and whatever the mainstream media wants us all to chew on.  #ignorance

We lump EVERYBODY into the same category.  I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and unfortunately, we’ll all do it again. It’s only through education and understanding that we can ALL get along and be respectful of each other. 

I remember in the beginning, when Bikers Who Care first landed on the scene, people weren’t really sure what to think.  The BWC quickly proved that they were not any different than you and me.  They had a purpose and a passion, and the common thread was the motorcycle. It would take me several pages to describe the work that the BWC does and the money they’ve raised for this community.

It’s an AMAZING organization. 

Subdued Few

Subdued Few Crawfish Boil Open House

The Subdued Few has adopted Minglewood Elementary School and raises money to provide school supplies to the children.  They also raise

money for the Kidney Foundation, but they don’t do it for the publicity.  They do it because they WANT to and they want to contribute to their community.

To say ALL bikers are alike, is like saying that all white people, black people, asians, gun owners, christians, jews or WHOEVER, are alike.  It’s ridiculous, we know it’s ridiculous, but for some reason, we can’t stop doing it. 

To be clear, the journey I’m on is for me and it began as a journal to document where I went and who I met and the places I travel.  The fact that this blog has been so well received is just an added blessing for me, and it’s brought people into my life that I would have NEVER met, were it not for the motorcycle.

The motorcycle groups that grab all the horrible headlines are known as the “one percenters” and DO NOT represent the 99% of motorcycle owners, groups, riding clubs etc. that ride the roads today.

So you can think what you want, believe what you want, but for me, these were some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. They LOVE each other.  They’re one big family.  They’ve got each others back.  

I would like to thank Subdued Few for the invite and the education.  I would also like to thank the members of these clubs who were there as well.  I enjoyed meeting all of you. 

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Ride safe!