Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Well, it seems that Mother Nature is trying to “sober up” here in Middle Tennessee, so it won’t be long before I take off on my first overnight trip.  I have ambitious plans this year to put some miles on the bike and I can’t wait.

When I first began this journey, I took off for Texas to visit some friends who are near and dear to me.  It was a two day trip to San Marcos, and until I pulled out of the garage, I was a hot mess.  

I had prepared, studied, read every possible blog, watched every video, talked to other bikers and I was ready to go.  The anticipation was enormous.  Read it here.

That same feeling greets me today.  I hope it NEVER changes.  That’s the beauty of what we do, and where we go.  What’s around the curve?  Who will I meet?  Will there be problems?  Is the bike in good shape?

I love it.

Recently, I asked many of you on my Facebook page where your first trip of the season was going to be.  I appreciate you sharing those stories with me.  It gives me a chance to just close my eyes and imagine where you’re going, what you’ll see and the joy you’ll experience on the back of your bike.  

Roxie is going to Key West.  Darrell is going to West Arkansas. Chris is headed to Myrtle Beach Bike Week.  While Peter just got back from Vegas,  Winslow, Roswell, Tombstone and Phoenix.

These are just a few of the responses, and I want to DO THEM ALL!

My first scheduled overnight trip will be to the Bald Knob Cross of Peace in Alto Pass Illinois.  I’ve been blogging about it, posting about it on social media, and talking to some of the great people there.  It’s a short trip for me, only three hours away, but it’s tucked away in the glorious Illinois Ozarks.  

I’ll be staying at the Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast, and covering the Blessing of the Bikes sponsored by the Christian Motorcycle Association.  I’ve been contacted by Black Diamond Harley Davidson to join them and get a tour of the area and I can’t wait to dine at the Blue Boar Restaurant and Bar. 


Tentatively, I plan to visit Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas and POSSIBLY California.

I want to go to Utah, Montana, Wyoming and back to Colorado.

I’m DEFINITELY going back to the Smoky Mountains, Tail of the Dragon, Copperhead Loop and some familiar trails I have frequented.  It’s just beautiful out there. 

Lord willing.

You guys have come together to share in this journey with me and I appreciate you.  Your suggestions, ideas, and tips on being a better biker has brought together a great family of like minded, passionate bikers.  It’s changed my life.

Rocky Mountains Colorado

Rocky Mountains Colorado

I’ve been buying some new travel gear, a couple of new accessories, safety items, and I’ll have some new “Roadkill” promotional items for all of you.  Thanks for sharing some of your journey with me and ALL of us.   I appreciate you following mine.

Let me invite you to join me on April 29th, high on the mountain top, at the Blessing of the Bikes, at the Bald Knob Cross of Peace.  Good food, good people, great riding and amazing brotherhood with us all. 

If not there, well just keep an eye out on where I’m headed next.  I anticipate the opportunity to meet you, to ride with you, to have you show me around your “turf.”  You never know, I might need a place to rest my head for the night.