Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — The annual Blessing of the Bikes was this weekend at the Bald Knob Cross of Peace.  Located in Alto Pass Illinois, this year’s event drew thousands of bikers who came to the foot of this magnificent symbol of hope to receive a personal blessing.

Sponsored by the Christian Motorcycle Association, bikers came from all over the country to make the trek to the cross and support the work of this organization.

There’s nothing quite like rounding that last corner and throttling up the hill to this structure, and seeing it for the first time. 

It’s breathtaking!

Volunteers arrive at the wee hours of the morning to prepare for the event.  From making coffee and pastries and their famous biscuits and gravy, to preparing the “roadkill” stew and chili that’s served throughout the day.

I was amazed, but not surprised, at how efficient this event was run.  CMA members were roping off areas for the bikers to park on the hill, and setting up traffic cones to keep traffic flowing efficiently. 

Prayer leaders were prepared to help bikers receive their blessing and address any needs they had.  The souvenir store was staffed and ready.  T-shirts and other items were being sold.  

It was a well oiled machine.

I was apprehensive about parking my motorcycle on this hill.  Not only that, but navigating this grass which was wet and sloping downhill.  It’s just my inexperience that worried me, but I quickly overcame that and parked my bike.  Watching other experienced bikers arrive helped me gain the confidence I needed.


Bald Knob Cross Of Peace

Bald Knob Cross Of Peace

Watching other bikers arrive was exciting.  Not knowing where they were from, or how far they had ridden, they were all here for the same thing.  It was just like any other biker event, with thousands of men and women coming together and sharing their love of motorcycles, with their love of something more powerful in their lives. 

The ride down highway 127 was beautiful.  When you turn onto the road to the cross, it’s a winding tree lined road that snakes up and around the hillside.  It’s not a road to take lightly, especially if you encounter oncoming traffic, but it’s beautiful.

As I mentioned above, when you make the last turn and come up the hill, this huge white cross greets you and you’re taken back by the enormity of the structure.  It’s as powerful as the faith it represents. 

When I left the area to head home, I was so encouraged by the number of bikers I met along the way.  It was a wonderful site to see.  

I will always remember my visit to the Southern Illinois countryside and the people I met along the way. 

I want to thank Teresa Gilbert and Frank Caruso for their help in covering this event.  I also want to thank the CMA prayer warriors who stood with me at the foot of the cross and prayed for me.

If you would like to support the Bald Knob Cross of Peace, go here. 

If you would like to know more about the Christian Motorcycle Association, go here