Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — First let me apologize for not posting anything lately.  I’ve just had nothing to write about since I returned from my trip to Ft. Smith Arkansas.  I try not to post anything just to “post” something.  

Well, I’ve had plenty to talk about here lately. 


Apparently I slept through Spring and missed it here.  In this part of the country, we’ve gone straight from Winter to Summer, because it’s been unseasonably hot lately.  I really don’t think we had a “spring” this year, and if we did, well, I missed it.

But that’s ok.  I’m not complaining.  There’s been great days to ride, and ride I have!  Riding in the heat can be a chore, but it can also be some of the best times ever. 

I remember when I first started traveling on my motorcycle, I was coming home from vacation in Gulf Shores Alabama, wearing nothing but a white golf shirt, shorts, motorcycle boots and gloves.  I thought, the less the better.  I mean, it was going to be in the upper 90’s for the trip home.


Apparently I completely forgot about “dress for the slide, not the ride.”  Not only did I look ridiculous, but I was just as hot as if I had dressed properly. 

What we all know now is that it’s important for us to sweat, and to have that sweat evaporate, thus cooling our body while we ride.  Long sleeves are a must, and proper ventilation is important.  When we sweat through our shirt, the cooling effect it has on our body is very noticable.  Drinking plenty of fluids is also important.

But you DAMN SURE don’t wear shorts, muscle shirts, t-shirts or something ridiculous like that just to try to stay cool. 

I prefer to get out in the early part of the morning.  Stopping at my favorite coffee shop for my coffee “fix” then off I go to watch the sun come up over the beautiful Tennessee/Kentucky countryside.

I wear long sleeve t-shirts, blue jeans, boots and gloves.  I wear a bandana under my helmet, and carry a water bottle filled with ice, that quickly turns into ice cold water.

We’ve all learned to ride in all weather conditions, and when it gets summertime hot, we must be just as prepared.  Drinking plenty of fluids is important.  I prefer Gatorade, but water will do.

I’ve ridden every day this week.  Beautiful blue sky, sunshine and open roads.  It’s been magical AND therapeutic. 

I’ve been stuck in traffic during hot weather and it’s no picnic.  For me and the bike.  Those bikes need to keep moving, and for our benefit, we need to keep having air blow across our body to keep us cool.  There are times it can get quite “steamy” out there, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Usually, if I’m traveling, and it’s hot, I just keep in mind that when I get to the hotel, I’m jumping in the pool.  It’s something to keep my mind focused on until I get there, but there’s nothing better than to get off a hot bike, after a hot day on the road, and jump into the cool waters of the hotel swimming pool. 

I love it!

Of if I’m just coming home from a day of riding in the heat, then to take a good hot shower does the trick.  

So, while we’re dealing with this heat wave, prepare yourself to ride safe and drink plenty of fluids.  Pick the times of day you choose to ride to take advantage of cooler temperatures, but most of all, take care of yourself when you travel.  Don’t forget the gloves, good boots and protection where you need it. 

Regardless of the temperature, our journey as bikers rolls on and nobody does it better than me and you!