Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Am I the only biker who replays his trips and all the potential hazards, or “close calls” I encountered along the way?  

It’s a curious thing for me that after I return home, I replay all the “potential” incidents that “almost” happened while I was on the road.  I’m so focused on the road, the traffic, the weather and all that surrounds me at the time, that it doesn’t quite register, but for some reason, I replay all the “close calls” I had.

I distinctly remember the time I motored out to Texas, (which I LOVE by the way) and as soon as I got on the four lane roads, and the speed limit is 75, I passed a couple of “good old boys” who were hogging the left lane and when I sped past them, I gave them “the look” and when I turned my attention back to my lane, I was just about out of pavement.  I was just a few feet from the guardrail and I had to whip myself back into shape.

(Keep your damn eyes on the road dummy!)

I remember just last week, avoiding a two car crash on the expressway in Gulf Shores Alabama, as I was going for morning coffee. 

One car rear ended the other and they spun out into the median.  I swerved into the right lane, along with everybody else, and continued on.  What I didn’t do was check for other cars in the lane.  I just yanked the bike over and kept going. 

When I replayed it, I wondered what would have happened if there had been a car in that lane? At the time, I was quite proud of the fact that I had the reflexes to avoid it.  

Now I don’t curl up in the corner and shiver and freak out or anything, but it’s kind of weird that I replay all of those incidents. The good and the bad.  

I was passing a line of trucks on Interstate 40, headed to Little Rock Arkansas, when right in the middle of my passing maneuver, one of the big rigs pulled over into my lane, causing me to not only “spot” my britches, but gather my bike and slow down, as another big rig whipped in behind me.  

I spent two weekends in the Smoky Mountains last year, riding the Tail of the Dragon.  It’s a glorious place to ride, but there were a few close calls.  I didn’t think much about it at the time, but after my trip, it’s kind of crazy how I remember them and how close I was to dropping the bike, or worse. 

I don’t think it’s fear, or some inner voice trying to tell me, “hey, maybe you oughta rethink this,” I think it’s a healthy dose of respect for what this experience is all about.  I MUST respect the road and the traffic.  I MUST stay focused on what I’m doing. 

In some weird way, I kind of like the fact that I remember every single trip I’ve taken and the experience this lifestyle affords me.  I also appreciate the fact that I respect the dangers, and appreciate the adrenaline and excitement that’s associated with being a biker.

I love riding a motorcycle.  I love to travel.  I love the people I meet along the way.  This journey is a real blessing and it’s something I NEVER thought I would be doing at this stage of my life.

If I could live forever, I would ride forever!

Ride safe my friends and thanks for coming along!