Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Nothing embodies the image of freedom more than the American biker.  Bikers are passionate about their country, their freedom, their faith and respect. 

Today, Independence Day, I expect to see hundreds of Bikers rolling out in the name of Freedom, proudly waving their American Flag.  It’s a glorious thing!

In a day and age where all the political “noise” dominates our lives, I tend to ignore it all and remain committed to my faith, and my passion for the greatest country in the world, America!

Since I’ve been on this journey, I’ve tried to absorb all the aspects of this lifestyle, including my love of country.  I’ve NEVER met a biker who doesn’t love his country, despite our differences.  

Is there anything that captures the spirit of freedom any better than saddling up on a motorcycle and hurling yourself into the world?  All of us understand what it means to be a biker, and we embrace it with passion.  

The world can learn a lot about respect from a biker.  Respect is something that’s falling by the wayside, but bikers understand how important it is.  We pursue a lifestyle that’s unique and caters to a chosen few.

With all the problems that we’ve created in this country, one thing stands tall among them all, and that’s freedom.  We’re a FREE COUNTRY, by God!

The service and sacrifice given by so many, rings loud and clear on Independence Day.  The biker simply represents the freedom we hold dear. 

While there are those who would compromise our independence, and seek to tear down our country, the single most glaring truth about America is, WE STAND UNITED!  

And the American Biker leads the ride!

I move forward on the back of my Harley, looking to experience all that this journey has to offer.  The people I meet, the places I travel and the freedom I have to enjoy this ride. 

I would have NEVER had this experience without a motorcycle.  I would have NEVER met people like you and pumped the adrenaline that pours through me without it.

Count your blessings my brother and enjoy the ride.  This is the United States of America and bikers sing the same song, “One down, and five up.”

Sing it loud and proud my friends.  Freedom isn’t free. 

Thanks for following my journey!