Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — I run into people all the time who say, “man, you really love that bike” or “where’s your next trip?”  Like me, many of my long time friends are still amazed that this is where I find myself at this stage of my life, traveling the country, on the back of a motorcycle.

Nothing I had ever done in my life would have pointed me in this direction.  I had my motorcycle “fling” in the late 70’s and that was that.  I never thought about it again.  But when I walked into the Harley dealership that day and realized what I was missing, something just “clicked.”

“Passion” is something, hopefully, we’ve all felt, while “Addiction” is something that comes with a negative connotation. 

To experience passion, or to be passionate about something or someone is a beautiful thing.  The be addicted to something could also be a good thing, but sometimes we get “addicted” to the wrong things.

I’ve experienced both the good and the bad.

I’m passionate about my wife and family.  I was passionate about my career and the opportunities it provided me, and I’m damn sure passionate about being a biker.  I never think twice about going on a ride.  I can always depend on my bike to cure the blues, or fix the “funk” I’m in at the time.

I’m passionate about the people I’ve met along the way.  Some of the most genuine people I’ve EVER met.

But I’m addicted to my bike!  I don’t need no stinking car.  I’ll just get on the bike.  Any excuse to get on the bike is all I need.  I don’t need another biker, or a destination.  

It takes me an hour to go pick up milk.

“You really love that motorcycle don’t you,” they say.  “You’re gonna get yourself killed on that thing” they say.  

Yes, and maybe. 

Have no fear.  Fear straps you down.  Fear holds you back.  Fear keeps you from turning loose of all the possibilities and potential you hold within yourself.   When I look back on my life and realize that “fear” kept me from achieving things in my life, I realize that this lifestyle will be full throttle.  

I don’t want to miss anything.

Yes, I’m addicted to my bike.  I’m addicted to the people I’ve met along the way.  I’m addicted to anything to do with this bike.  And trust me, I’ve had addictions, but ironically, the cure for this one IS the bike.

I love it. 

True passion is an amazing thing.  It sweeps you away, even for just a moment.  To be addicted to your passion is quite another thing.  And it’s GLORIOUS!

So don’t check out of this life without having passion for something or someone, and don’t continue this lifestyle if you’re not addicted to it.  I never look back and wonder “what if.”  I move forward with what will be.

If I could live forever, I would ride forever.

Thanks for following my journey.  Ride safe my friend!