Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — When I first started this journey, it was always going to be a Harley for me.  The last motorcycle I owned was a Suzuki 750.  I wanted to own a Harley and I wanted to get fully involved in the “biker culture” and a Harley was what I wanted.

I also want to own an Indian.  The more I research this company and their products, the more I want to own and ride one.  Since I started this journey late in life, I won’t have the years and years of riding that many of you have had to try different bikes, or ride different models, so I will do my best to get a taste of them all.

The point is, it doesn’t matter what you ride.  It doesn’t matter what brand you’re loyal to.  It matters THAT. YOU. RIDE!

One of the beautiful things for me is that all bikers are ONE.  We look after one another, we respect each other, and we share the same passion for the open road and how a motorcycle makes it the best thing ever.

I must admit that I’ve just been able to learn all of the Harley Davidson models.  Knowing a “fat bob” for a “softail” and a touring bike from a sport bike.

I want to learn them all, but more importantly, I want to meet the bikers who ride them.

This journey, for me, was about discovering a passion and a purpose to pull myself out of depression.  The motorcycle did just that.  It not only gave me the adrenaline rush, and the confidence that I could manage this machine, but it introduced me to an amazing community of people who didn’t want anything from me.



Hank Motorcycle

I read a lot of different motorcycle blogs, and follow a lot of different social media accounts.  There’s still a little of the “old school” vs “baggers” mentality out there, but I love it.  The old school guys are hanging onto their journey, HELL they created this culture, it’s theirs!   Their experience.  Their lifestyle. They brought us to this place. They’re the KINGS of the game if you ask me, but we ride as ONE. 

The new “baggers” (which I would be one) are also hanging on to their own personal journey, but they both have that passion and love of the open road and all things that come with being a biker.

Also, each motorcycle is a reflection of the biker who rides it.  The pipes, the seat, the handlebars, and any other accessories he or she wants.  It’s almost like decorating your home or apartment.  When I walk into your home, I can get a sense of who you are and what you’re about.

The same thing with your bike.  I can look at your bike and I can just SEE your love, your passion, your skills and it doesn’t matter what you ride. 


I ride with Harleys, Gold Wings, Victorys and Triumphs.  I ride with Trikes and Slingshots.  We just like to ride, No, WE LOVE to ride!

Some bikes have color schemes, some have special accessories.  Some have bigger pipes, bigger bags, radio systems, with extra speakers in the saddle bags. LED lamps, and custom paint.  I don’t care!  I love it, because I’m riding with a biker who has set his bike up just like he or she wants it.


In a country that is so divided, I take comfort in the fact that through all the different styles, and different attitudes about bikers and their bikes, we can all agree that we’re brothers and sisters.  We respect each other, we help each other, and we NEVER leave a brother stranded.

So it doesn’t matter what your “brand” is, or how you set it up.  It matters that we’re bikers and together we ride as one!


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