Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — This has been a challenging week for me.  Let’s review shall we?

Sunday:  Motorcycle accident.  Lost it in a corner.  Injuries to my leg, but nothing broken.  We load up me and the bike and get home, where I would ice my leg overnight.

Monday (Labor Day):  Stayed prone most of the day, continuing to ice my leg, still a lot of pain and soreness, but this too will pass.

Tuesday: Went to the Harley shop to get moving on the repairs.  $1100 worth of work.  Not too bad and it should be ready in about a week.

I STILL haven’t seen a doctor.

Wednesday:  I decide, from the pain, that I should go get x-rays.  They were negative, but my leg was still very sore.  More ice therapy.

Thursday:  Leg hurts a little more, and there’s some redness around the cut.  A little more swelling too.  After a very restless, sleepless Thursday night, I decide to go see my physician.

Friday:  My doctor took one look at the leg and said, “well THAT’S infected.”  It also explains why the leg had become more painful.  A couple of prescriptions of antibiotics and some pain medicine, and improvement shouldn’t be far away. 

Some things I’ve learned this week: 

NEVER wait that long to see a doctor.  Even if you don’t think you have a serious injury, go see your doctor and get thoroughly checked out.  When I finally went to my doctor on Friday, I was really going to have an ultrasound to check for blood clots.  I was NOT expecting to hear that my leg was infected.  A visit sooner and it may have been caught. 

I had cleaned that little booger several times during the week.  With alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and neosporin.  Having an infection was not in the cards.  Total surprise!

Hank Motorcycle Wreck/Leg

Hank’s Leg Injury

The older we get, the harder it is to recover.  It’s also guaranteed that after a couple of days, you will notice other injuries you didn’t feel before.  My elbow, my lower back and my wrist.  Nothing serious, but still some discomfort as a result of the accident.

I’ve had friends ask me if I was still going to ride and my answer is HELL YEAH!!!  It was never in doubt.  I love this experience and I love the people I meet along the way and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Finally, I can’t say enough about those of you who reached out to me this week.  I got some of the greatest messages and emails and phone calls.  It humbled me all week.  I don’t care who you are, when you have that much love and concern shown to you, it’s a blessing. 

Bikers are genuine.  They’re loyal and live their lifestyle with big hearts and a willing spirit. 

I will always hold special the people I was riding with that day.  They are FOREVER joined with me on this journey I’m on.  They were there for me, and I want them to know, I will be there for them   #brotherhood

There’s a SLIGHT possibility I could get my bike next week and take a planned trip to the mountains, but that might be a stretch.  It’s been pretty “empty” around here without my Harley in the garage.  And isn’t funny that bikers are more worried about their bikes than themselves?

So now as the weather begins to change, I’m excited at the roads I will ride soon.  I think we ALL love fall riding weather, and I’m all in! 

So let me just thank you one more time for reaching out to me.  It truly warmed my heart and made me smile.  We ALL want to be loved and appreciated, and I think sometimes it gets lost in all the day to day “hustle and bustle” of life. 

I felt your love and compassion.  Thank you.  Now, let’s ride!