Dodging the RoadkillRobbinsville, NC — In my most recent trip to the amazing Smoky Mountains, my travel partner and I stayed in Robbinsville, North Carolina.  We’ve stayed in various different areas surrounding the mountains, and basically we’re looking for good value and price, so we landed here for this trip.

Just down the road, not even 100 yards, we discovered The Hub.  We were VERY satisfied at what we found.  Here’s the back story:

Five years ago, Greg McCoy was running a VERY successful motorcycle rental business.  A friend of his approached him about getting into the restaurant business.  Greg HATES to cook, but the two of them ventured on and The Hub was created.  It started as a coffee shop, but that didn’t last long.

Two months later, Greg’s partner bailed on him.

So, there he was, on his own, running both a rental business, AND trying to get a restaurant off the ground, in a dry county, that wasn’t too open to “somebody who ain’t from around here.”

Five years later, The Hub is ranked #1 on Tripadvisor and a destination station for good food for bikers from everywhere.  Not just bikers, but anyone who visits the beautiful mountains make it a point to visit The Hub. 

The Hub Restaurant

Greg McCoy and The Hub

“My business is word of mouth, and online reviews,” Greg told me.  “I’ve built a following because of the food and service here and have made great friends over the years who come to visit these beautiful mountains.”

Robbinsville is conveniently located near all of the favorite motorcycle roads, including the Tail of the Dragon, the Cherohala Skyway and others.  At some point, you’re going to end up going through Robbinsville.

The Hub’s menu is noted for its signature smoker that produces delicious brisket, pork and more.  They even have a meatloaf that is to die for.  If you’ve never had a GREAT meatloaf sandwich, you’ll find it here. 

“My biggest challenge is that it’s VERY seasonal here” said Greg.  “Everything is tied to the weather, so good weather means good business.”

After his business partner left, Greg was left with a financial venture that he HAD to figure out and make it work.  He started with putting together a menu of items that would work, and finding the right people to make it happen.  It’s amazing what you can do when you HAVE to, and so far, Greg’s made all the right moves.

Some of his most famous items on the menu include the Redneck Wrap.  Smoked pulled pork or chicken, grilled onions, BBQ sauce and slaw pressed in a tortilla.

The Peachy Cuban sandwich.  Hickory smoked pulled pork, sliced ham, swiss, pickles, spicy mustard peach preserves on a hoagie.  “People drive for miles for the Cuban” said Greg.  “I have one customer who will drive up from Atlanta just for this sandwich, then go back home.”

Sounds like a DAMN good sandwich to me!

The Hub Restaurant

The Hub Restaurant

I had the Ham Wrap which featured sliced ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing pressed in a tortilla.  It was so HUGE, I could only eat half of it.  I had the other half for dinner the next night.


Not only does The Hub offer a variety of great sandwiches, but their burgers rock!  The Hub Burger, Dragon Burger and Bacon Swiss Burger are all customer favorites.  Their sides include soup, coleslaw, home fries, potato salad, baked beans, chips and pasta salad. 

The Hub offers outdoors dining that overlooks the creek behind the restaurant, and a dining area that’s built out of wood that dates back before 1928. 

The Hub is truly a great success story.  One man against the world.  Not a clue about the restaurant business and remember, “I hate to cook.”

I can HIGHLY recommend that you visit The Hub, the next time you travel to the Smoky Mountains.  Your belly will be full and you will make new friends.

To learn more about The Hub, find their Facebook page here.