Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — I love the Smoky mountains.  It’s just a couple of hours from Roadkill headquarters and an easy morning ride to get there.  The Fall colors are gorgeous and they’re even more beautiful on the back of my motorcycle. 

There are PLENTY of beautiful places to ride in this country, but the Smoky mountains have to be in the top 5.

This past weekend, I went for one final visit before the winter weather sets in, and the memories that are made with each and every trip are unforgettable.

The main purpose of this trip was to ride the newly opened Foothills Parkway extension.  I can tell you that it IS gorgeous and the views are amazing!  I don’t have to tell you to go ride it because I know you will.

The other purpose of the trip was the camaraderie and friendship. 

I started making regular trips to East Tennessee last year, when one of my regular riding buddies asked me to go with him one weekend.  We went two weekends in a row.  I just CAN’T get enough of the Smokies.

One of my favorite things about this lifestyle is the people I meet along the way.  I’ve got a handful of brothers that I ride with on a regular basis, but until you’ve spent the entire weekend with them, and can STILL call them your friends, then that’s a blessing. 

I’ve posted articles before about brotherhood, veterans, and everyday people who are drawn to the motorcycle and we all have our own reasons for riding.  For me, spending long hours in the saddle then capping off the day with a nice meal and a good cigar with people you enjoy, is terrific. 

This past trip was calling for sunshine, but cold temperatures.  Our days started in the low 30’s and made their way into the low 60’s.  I love riding in cooler weather because you can always layer up for it. 

Last year on one of our trips, I was witness to a family reunion of sorts.  My travel companion was meeting up with a cousin he hadn’t seen in over thirty years.  We all had a chance to do some riding and I made a new friend.

This year, I made several new friends, and some I feel I’ll ride with many more times.  There’s something about having brothers you can ride with, who have similar riding styles and similar interests, and people whose company you enjoy. 

Veterans, first responders, business owners and everyday folks have all made their way into my life by way of the motorcycle.  Special friends that I will have for life.

Sometimes, it’s not the destination but the journey that makes the best memories. 

It’s not the places we go, but the people we share it with.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the things I took for granted when I was young and stupid.  Now I just hope that I’m able to ride off into the sunset with a pack of brothers and sisters that I can appreciate in a way that I haven’t been able to do for years.

I love this journey I’m on.  Thanks for following along.