Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Once I finally owned a motorcycle of my own, I was like a kid in a candy store.  I had been “test” riding various models for two months, even to the point that the sales team at the dealership was saying, “Hell, he ain’t gonna buy no bike.”

Oh, I was going to buy a bike, but when I was damn well ready.

So now, I’ve got my Harley and my first trip was to Texas to visit some dear friends, one of whom had been a biker for most of his life.  He had helped me negotiate my way around the motorcycle buying experience, but he was a real mentor to me in my younger days as a salesman and I’ve always been grateful for him.

I HAD to take my first road trip on my BRAND NEW HARLEY STREET GLIDE SPECIAL to the great state of Texas.  Not only do I love riding through Texas, I love getting to see my friends.

I took the trip alone.  Some of my friends questioned that and I didn’t know why.  I’ve traveled a lot of miles by myself and didn’t think anything about it, but as I came to learn, if something were to happen, nobody would know that you had a problem.  Especially if you were hurt bad.

That didn’t stop me and I was confident in my planning and protection.  But what this trip made me realize was how much I LOVE traveling alone.  Whether it’s for several hundred miles on a trip, or just a couple of hours around my neck of the woods on a Sunday afternoon. 

I’m not a “LONER’ by nature.  I spent 40 years in broadcast radio and you spend every waking moment being surrounded by fans, rock stars, politicians, record company executives etc..  You won’t find many LONERS in that business.

The motorcycle changed all of that.  I find nothing more invigorating than to be alone on the back of my Harley throwing down some miles, with no-one in tow.  I’ve got the roar of the pipes, the music, the wind in my face and nothing but wide open highway. 


Hank Motorcycle


Now to be clear, I LOVE riding with my partners.  We travel to the Smokies, we roam around our home base, but the group ride is not my favorite.  I like company, but that many at one time I’m a little sketchy of.  Maybe it’s because I’m claustrophobic, I don’t know.

I think we all have that “loner” in us.  While we love our riding brothers, our riding clubs, our MC’s or just our “crew” that we ride with all the time.  I think there’s nothing better than to get away, alone, just for the opportunity to fully consume the biker experience. 

When I go for early morning rides, I like to stop off at one of my favorite coffee shops and have a good cup of coffee.  I’ll plan my route and determine when I need to be done for the day. 

Then it’s “off we go” and I don’t care where it is.  Just listening to the sound of my motor and the music playing in my ears is perfect.  You add the fact that the smells of the fresh cut grass and the corn fields of Kentucky make it feel like I’m right in the middle of this beautiful green earth.  It’s wrapped itself around me and I’m excited as hell.

I’ve ridden many miles by myself and I love it.  I can stop when I want, eat wherever I want.  Stop to take pictures wherever I want.  It’s just me, my bike, my god and my time.  

What an experience!

I think many of YOU feel the same way.  There’s no way a biker, whether he’s old school of new, doesn’t love solo time on his or her bike.  There’s just something about it. 

When I travel on short trips, I usually have one or two other brothers with me, but when I take off to Colorado, or Texas, I’m by myself.  It’s an adventure I never would have had, were it not for this motorcycle.

For this I’m grateful.  For this I’m fully involved.  

I love this journey I’m on!