Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — When I started this blog, it was for personal reasons.  I had just discovered this lifestyle and I was enthralled with it. 

I was meeting a lot of amazing new friends, traveling thousands of miles, and just setting my life free from all the stress and anxiety of running a business for the last 20 years.

I wanted to keep a journal of this experience, because not only was riding great therapy, but writing about it allowed me to bring it to life. 

It’s not that I was looking for attention or trying to be an internet star, I was just hoping to connect with other bikers and soak up their experience as well as mine and that’s exactly what’s been happening here.

With all the negativity associated with the internet, the real truth is, it’s an AMAZING thing and can be a real joy to experience.  That’s what I’ve been receiving through this blog.

I’ve shared many times my struggle with depression and how this motorcycle brought me out of the darkness and into the light.  When I share those thoughts with you, I received overwhelming response and encouragement.  But the main thing is, I hear from those of you who have struggled as well.  It’s good to know there are others who can identify with your pain and encourage each other. 

It’s important that we pull together in life and support one another, regardless of the circumstance. 

I’ve also noticed that we’ve all been respectful of different opinions and ideas.  That’s SO refreshing here and it underlines how the biker community is so connected to one another, regardless of what you ride.

Sure, there’s still the “old school” vs “new school” biker element.  The “chopper” vs “bagger” comparison and so on. But at the end of the day, we’re all bikers of all ages, sexes, colors and faiths.   Two or three wheels, sportster or touring, Harley or Honda.  It doesn’t matter.


In a world that is in constant disarray, (if you believe the media, and I don’t) I find it gratifying that in my little corner of the internet, we’re all supportive, encouraging, loving and respectful.  I thank you for that.

So moving forward into 2019, I’m referring to us all as “Roadkill Nation” and together we will be there for one another.  Standing together to encourage and support those who might be slipping or needing an uplifting word.  

Sometimes from a total stranger.

In my part of the country, I’m surrounded by brothers and sisters that I would have never met had it not been for this motorcycle.  Through this blog, I’m surrounded by bikers from California to Sweden.  

YES!  Sweden!

I’ve mentioned before that I plan to travel more this year.  I didn’t hit the road as much in 2018, so I hope to meet some of you.  I’m still planning on some sort of “Roadkill Rally” next year and I’m leaning towards the Smoky Mountains for the first one.

I’ll keep you posted.

Feel free to keep me updated on your journey.  Your ups and downs.  Your travels.  Your experience.  Your life.  It’s a real blessing to me.

Life is short, enjoy the ride and don’t look back.  #roadkillnation