Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — When I decided to buy a motorcycle, I was just as interested in the “community” as I was the machine.  I had always heard what a tight knit brotherhood there was, but I had no idea it was this special. 

The people I’ve met and the places I’ve seen has been incredible.  Makes me sad that I took so long to discover it, but there’s no point in looking back, I’m not headed in that direction. 

Along the way, my motorcycle has provided me with opportunities to travel.  To see the world from a different perspective.  To actually ENJOY the open road and the experience it provides.   

It’s also given me a reconnection of sorts.  To reconnect with people from my past.  People who meant something to me “way back when.”  People I realize mean something to me now.  And it’s all because of my bike.

I can’t remember a single time that I’ve been on the side of the road, or needed to ask for help, that a biker didn’t help me.  I’ve approached bikers of all sizes, colors and affiliations.  It’s always the same.  


Hank Motorcycle


From the mentor I reconnected with, to the fraternity brother I reunited with, and all the others in between, this has been an incredible experience.

I’ve buried my parents and my brother.  I know what it means to lose family.  Relationships, especially family, are important.   Until you’ve lost someone, you don’t realize how important they are and then it’s too late.  My brother and I were just rebuilding our relationship when he died.  

Too late!

I know people who are estranged from their family or friends and don’t seem to have any desire to reconnect.  It saddens me, because I know how important it is to have family in your life.  When it’s over,  IT’S OVER!

I took so much for granted for so long, that becoming a biker taught me to appreciate and respect this brotherhood.  It quickly taught me to get over myself and become one with the biker community.  

I lost a friend and a brother this week.  The motorcycle had reconnected us.  It saddens me to think about the plans we had, or the opportunities we shared, that will NEVER happen.  Just the reminiscing of the “good old days” is something I will miss.

Life is short.  It’s over before you know it.  Bring these people back into your life.  Make family and friends a priority, regardless of the things that divide you.  And love and respect your biker brothers.  They will ALWAYS be there for you. 

Thanks for following along and thanks for your respect and friendship.