Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — We all know that the biker’s code is to never leave a brother/sister behind.  Bikers are notorious for taking care of their own, but when total strangers step up to help a group of bikers, well, that’s pretty special.

Just today, four of us were out riding the beautiful Tennessee countryside.  Just rolling and riding on a February day that gave us some decent weather to do so.

We wound ourselves through Cheatham County, over to Pegram, then ultimately to Leipers Fork.  Just four guys who travel together and ride every chance we get.

After a magnificent lunch at the legendary Puckett’s Grocery, we straddle the iron horses and took off for home.  We hadn’t gone maybe a mile or two when one of the horses went down.

Apparently the lugnuts on the rear wheel of one of the bikes were acting up.  Actually, one of the lugnuts was gone and the others were loose. After pulling over to manually tighten them until we could get back to civilization, we were off again.  We didn’t go 100 yards when we were down again.

Now, mind you, we’re off the beaten path, amongst the $500,000 to $1,000,000.00 country estates that Williamson County is known for.  Justin Timberlake and Carrie Underwood live there, along with American Picker Mike Wolfe and other celebrities.

We pulled over into a paved driveway that led up to one of those homes and while we were there, looking at the bike and figuring out our next move, a Yukon arrived and yes, we were in THEIR driveway (what were the odds?).


Valentine’s Day Ride

After waving them around and moving the bikes out of the way, they stopped to see what the fuss was all about.  We told them our issue and that we wouldn’t be long getting out of their driveway.

That’s when the driver said he had a toolbox and would see if that would help.  After driving up the long and winding path to their beautiful home, he and his lovely wife came walking back to us with said toolbox in hand.

Lo and behold, the right tool was available, and the issue was fixed.  He even said, “just keep the toolbox and put it in the mailbox the next time you’re here, just in case you need it on your way home.”

Huh?  Did this stranger just offer that?  To a group of bikers he might never see again?

We declined his offer and after a little small talk over where WE were from and how they had just moved here from Florida, we were off.  They wouldn’t tell us their name, or let me take a picture (which I understand) so off we went.

I was blown away at how the stars aligned at that moment.  Not only could the bike have caused an accident, but we were stuck, parked in a strangers house, and that stranger came to our rescue.  Their generosity and kindness saved us a LOT of grief on this Valentines Day. 

I love the people I meet on this bike!