Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — I seem to be able to find inspiration for my posts in the most unlikely places sometimes. 

Today as I was taking off my boots from an afternoon ride, I looked at them and thought, “these things have supported me for a lot of miles.  Oh the stories they could tell.”

While I DID buy a new pair of boots last year, I just keep putting on the old ones because they just feel better and as superstitious as I am, I don’t make many changes in my riding style.  

They’ve been with me since the beginning.  We’ve been together a long time. I couldn’t possibly throw them out. 

As I looked down at them I started to recount all the trips I’ve made in those boots.  All the miles I’ve traveled, and all of the people I’ve met while wearing those “boots.”

If mine could talk, they would tell the tale of my first long distance trip.  It was to Texas to visit some dear friends.  There I was on my brand new Harley Street Glide Special, new gear, new bike, new luggage, and new boots.  

They would tell the stories of how many times I’ve dropped my bike and how I had to learn how to pick it up on my own.  These boots would curse at me for all the gravel that has betrayed us.

These boots would share the story of how absolutely drenched they got when we got caught in a torrential downpour in the Smoky Mountains.  How there was no shelter on the Foothills Parkway and we had no choice but to ride it out.  How we were soaking wet through and through.  My faithful boots “squishing” as we walked. 

These boots would be grateful that I took a blow dryer and dried them out completely for the next days ride.  Kind of like, “I take care of you, because you take care of me” sort of thing.

These boots would remind me that they’re not walking boots.  Like the time I laid the bike down on a dead end road, in the backwoods of Kentucky, and had to walk about a half of a mile for help (before I learned how to pick up my own bike).

These boots have met so many people along the way.  People I would have never met had it not been for this motorcycle.  Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Alabama, Florida, and Texas.  These boots have been there.  

They’ve walked on Texas dirt, Florida sand, Kentucky Bluegrass and Colorado snow. 

These boots would brag about all the miles they’ve helped me ride, one down and five up.  Now totalling over 120,000 miles in just over three years.  Yes, these boots are durable and long lasting.  Makes me wonder why I bought the new ones.

What stories could your boots tell?  

Each of us is on a journey and we have stories from that journey.  Stories that our boots have witnessed every step of the way.   There’s NOTHING like a good pair of boots, matched only by a good motorcycle.

The new boots will have to wait their turn, because “old reliable” still has many miles to go before they’re done.

I love this journey I’m on.  Thanks for coming along.