Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — When I decided that I was going to buy a motorcycle, I was ALWAYS going to buy a Harley Davidson.  I’m not paid to say that, it’s just what I wanted to do. 

Since then, I’ve ridden Hondas, Indians, Victory’s and a Triumph.  I would LOVE to ride a BMW, but I haven’t had the opportunity. 

Since I got started late in life, I wanted the Harley experience first.  I’m on my third one. 

In the meantime, it doesn’t make me any difference what YOU ride.  I have two great friends that I travel with and they’re Goldwingers.  It’s an AMAZING machine, but it doesn’t fit me. 

The Indian is my next bike.

With all of that said, there seems to be an idea that the Harley guys don’t respect anyone who doesn’t ride that brand.  That might be true and since I can’t and WON’T speak for all Harley bikers, I wonder, who gives a damn?

I ride with PEOPLE, not machines.  I ride with groups.  I ride with friends.  I ride when I can with everyone who wants to ride.  When I pass another biker going down the highway, I flash the two finger salute just as I would if they were on a MoPed.  I acknowledge EVERYONE, but, that’s just me.

So let’s talk about bikers who feel the Harley guys don’t respect them, or acknowledge them. 

I’ve met some incredible people on this bike and they don’t all ride Harleys.  I love this experience and I don’t have an attitude about other brands of motorcycles.  I could care less what you ride. 

Maybe there IS an unspoken rule or attitude about anything other than a Harley, I just don’t know about it and wouldn’t go along with it if there was one.

Really people, respect is a two way street, not only in life but on the motorcycle.