Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — I’m old enough to remember that when you hit the highway, it was pretty common to wave at the car next to you.  If you passed them, or pulled up beside them in traffic, you would glance their way and acknowledge them.

Now, you might get shot.

Road rage has become so common you never know if the next guy you honk your horn at will be that one “psycho” who climbs out of the car with a baseball bat and starts swinging for the fences.  Or worse yet, pulls a gun to make his point.

Seriously people, what’s the deal?

I realize that everything on the back of a motorcycle is magnified significantly and we get pretty anxious when the rest of traffic isn’t paying attention.  Weaving all over the road to check their phone, merging in front of you without even looking, or worse yet, speeding up behind you and riding your tail until you get out of the way.

Everybody is in a damn hurry!  Everybody wants to be first in line!  Everybody, regardless of how fast we’re going, just wants to be ahead of you and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Personally, I think it reflects the tone of the country and the emotion stirred up by the mainstream media and all the social media we’re involved in.  It seems that everybody is pissed and they stay pissed and they take it out on everybody else while driving.

A lot of drivers I see appear to be totally oblivious to their surroundings.  Ever see the ones who have a death grip on the wheel, hunched forward to get a better view, and appear to be ready to snap at a moments notice?  The ones who have no idea they’re leading a parade down the left lane?

Or, the guy who comes flying up the right lane, when there’s nowhere to go, but still runs up on traffic, then cuts right in front of you when merging?  You can guarantee that if you show your anger at that move, that SOB is gonna tap his brakes and cause you to have a heart attack.  

Or worse, a deadly accident.

In the city, it’s just as bad.  All the good old boys wanna race the biker in their pick up truck.  Or won’t let you merge, or speed up when you try to pass.  I’ve just gotten to where I just ignore and stay out of the way.

I’m sad that everybody is so angry.  I’m concerned that it causes more accidents than it should.  

Yes, I get upset in traffic.  Yes, I wish everybody would get off of their phones, and yes I wish we would all show a little respect to others out there. 

But, that’s what it says on page twelve of the “Perfect World” book, and apparently nobody’s read it.