Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — When I bought my first motorcycle, the first trip I took was to Texas.  I have close friends who live in San Marcos, and I wanted to make sure my first trip was to visit them.  It was one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever been on.  I never thought twice about going it alone.

I’ve traveled all of my life.  As a young military brat, travel was just part of the deal.  I flew from Okinawa to the states in 1969, leaving my family behind to attend a military academy.  It was no big deal, but the world was a different place back then.

When I returned home from Texas, I got numerous calls and texts from friends who told me how proud they were that I did that.  Several made it out to be a really big deal, but I didn’t think anything about it.

A good friend of mine always shakes his head at me and tells me that he prays for me when I travel because, “you just never know.”  “What if you had an accident, and there was nobody around to see it?” he would say. 

I had never thought of that, but it didn’t change my attitude about it, but he’s right.  

The story this week of missing motorcycle writer Davey G. Johnson just amplifies that concern.  I must admit, I wasn’t familiar with Johnson until this story broke, but upon further research, he’s a very respected car and motorcycle journalist.  The latest on his disappearance is that he was last heard from on Wednesday morning, June 5th.  He was riding a black Honda somewhere along Highway 49. 

According to social media accounts, he was headed home to Sacramento from the Mammoth area.  The last ping from his cell phone was in Amador County at 8am Wednesday morning.  As of this post, he has not been found and authorities will continue to search for him where they found his motorcycle.

Davey G Johnson

Davey G Johnson

As we’ve discussed many times before, as bikers, we know the risks.  We understand the danger.  There’s NOTHING about it that allows us to take anything for granted. 

Usually, when people voice their concern about the “solo” traveler, it’s about being alone, and encountering a criminal element that might cause us harm.  Along with that narrative, comes the discussion about guns.  I would have to assume that most of you “carry” and are trained to do so. 

But what about an accident?  What about the chance that something could happen and nobody knew you were in peril?  It’s a legitimate concern.  I think the chances of something like that happening are slimmer than other problems, but it COULD happen. 

We’ve also discussed at great length on my Facebook page, when it might be time to quit riding.  That’s only something that YOU can decide, but moving forward, I love to travel and I travel alone most of the time.  I’m as prepared as I can be, and I’m confident in my ability to take care of myself, as I’m sure YOU are.

I hope and pray that Johnson is located.  I hope and pray that he’s alive, but with each passing day, the prospects are slim.

Like everything associated with being a biker, we have our own attitude.  We travel our own journey.  The way we ride is OUR way and nothing is going to keep us from it.  If this is the way it all ends, then we made that choice and we went out with guns blazing.

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