Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Today was an absolutely beautiful day.  Unseasonably cool for June, in Tennessee.  When I took off on “black beauty” it was 68 degrees.  By the end of the day, it had only reached 80.

My plan was to take a quick ride down to Nashville to visit my mother-in-law, who is recovering from a massive stroke.  She turned 96 today and I had to make sure I gave her a birthday hug and a kiss.  She is an amazing woman and the matriarch of our family.

After our visit, I had planned to just take the long way home, then get to work on some other projects that needed my attention.  (Some of you might call it a “honey do” list).

I stopped for a quick lunch, then started for home.  But something happened.  My bike mysteriously took a turn down a back road that I like to ride.  Then it turned onto another, then another and, well, you get the picture.  Before I knew it, I was in Kentucky, rumbling through the Bluegrass Countryside, dodging the Combines and watching the farm boys bring in the wheat.

I’ve never had such a good time on my motorcycle.  I felt like a dog chasing a tennis ball on the beach!

We all love to ride and, generally speaking, we gather up with friends and take off.  We have a plan and a destination. Today was totally unscripted.  I was by myself, and I had no plan.  I had no particular destination.  I just took off, down this road, then that one, then another. It was GLORIOUS!

You see, this is the beauty of this lifestyle we live.  When I first started riding, I was renting bikes.  Taking “demos” on test rides.  I didn’t have my own Harley.  But when I finally had one parked in my garage, it was the best thing.  I could take off when I wanted, and go wherever I wanted to go.  She was MINE!

The freedom of it all and the passion I have for blowing down a country road with the wind in my face, the bugs in my teeth and the music in my speakers is so exhilarating! 

Taking a corner in perfect form, and pointing that beast down the highway is a chilling feeling.  The feeling of having all of that power under control, the birds swirling all around, the scavengers enjoying a roadside buffet, and my adrenaline spiked on overload.

As I would cruise through the little towns of Trenton, Elkton, Fairview, or Lafayette Kentucky, I would be greeted by old men mowing the lawn.  Sweet little old ladies waving from their porch.  Kids on summer break stopping to stare.  All, Norman Rockwell moments, etched into my brain.

So before I knew it, I had emptied my gas tank and needed to refuel.  I needed to finally try to get to those “projects” and call it a day.  It was 7 hours from whence I began.

These are the times you realize what a beautiful thing this is.  The experience that most people don’t understand.  A time to appreciate the blessings we all have.  The times of being alone, where no-one argues about where we’re going.  To be with your thoughts, your dreams, your God. 

I love this journey I’m on, and I thank you for coming along.  Join the Roadkill Nation on Facebook here.