Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — It’s been just over a year since I agreed to go to Sturgis with three other brothers of mine.  At first, I thought I would probably not end up going.  Things happen and I’m not one of those guys who plans ANYTHING that far in advance.

Then the day came where I had to pay for my hotel room.  That’s the day I felt I would PROBABLY go and was more committed than I was in the beginning.

Then crunch time came and I thought “Damn, I’m really doing this!”

Now, it’s just 48 hours until the four of us hit the road for what I believe will be one of my finest experiences I’ve EVER had on this motorcycle.  This journey I’m on has just kept getting better and better.  The people who have come my way have been incredible and the experiences have been epic.

I’ve studied the territory I will be traveling.  I’ve marked my “wish” list of places I MUST see.  I’ve taken advice from all of you on how to do Sturgis as a first-timer and now I’m JACKED to be hitting the road on Friday morning.

One of the beauties of this lifestyle is that each trip is a different experience.  The preparation, the anticipation, ALL of it.  My trip to Colorado a couple of years ago, was an out of body experience for me.  I’ve never seen such beautiful scenery while riding my motorcycle.

The Smoky Mountains here in Tennessee is a more familiar experience, because it’s in my back yard.  Still a very beautiful place to ride, but a different experience than the Rocky Mountains.

Texas is one of my absolute favorite places to ride, because I have dear friends there that make it special, plus the Three Sisters experience was awesome!

But now I’m just two days away from actually going to a Sturgis Rally.  The Super Bowl of bikers.  The World Series of Harleys.  The noise, the music, the food, the “scenery” the night life.  How in the HELL will I be able to do it justice?

I have a media pass and I’m not sure what it will allow me access to, but we will soon learn where I can and can’t go.

Pete Steven Mike Hank The Roadkill Crew

The Roadkill Crew/Pete, Steven, Mike, Hank

I do know that I want to ride.  I want to ride all of the legendary routes, possibly hooking up with other bikers for the day.  The chance to meet other brothers who have trekked to this epicenter of motorcycles for a week.

My crew is excited as I’ve heard that one of them is already packed and it’s just Tuesday.  We’re all excited because we love to ride and ride we will.  We’re all excited because it’s Sturgis.  Legendary Sturgis. 

I’ve been over my list of things to pack a million times, now tomorrow I will secure those items.  Thursday I will make ready my steed.  My feelings are jumping all around.  First, I’m blessed to still be able to do something like this, both physically and financially.

My stomach is churning and my adrenaline is on point.  I’m grateful.  I’m honored to be going with the guys I’m going with.   

I won’t get much sleep between now and then because deep down inside, I’m like a kid at Christmas who can’t wait to open the presents under the tree.  But I’ll be ready. 

So wish us luck, say a prayer for us and if you’re going, then by all means, reach out to me while we’re there. 

Be sure to like and follow my Facebook page for updates.  I’ll also post pictures along the way.

This will be awesome!