Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — My insurance company has decided to “total” my motorcycle as a result of the damage suffered in my accident on November 10th.  I’ve got to be honest with you, several of us looked at the bike and NEVER thought it had that much damage.

Just a quick scan of the damage and we had estimated maybe $5,000-$7,000 at the worst. I was somewhat relieved, at that time, that I hadn’t totaled it and could repair it. Apparently that wasn’t the case.

After Harley put it on the rack and surveyed what had happened, the damage was too severe to repair and the insurance company deemed it totaled.

I was VERY upset by this, even though I know it’s best.  I was emotional about it, and yet a bit embarrassed by that emotion.  After all, it’s JUST a motorcycle, right?

I think every biker on the planet develops a relationship with his or her bike.  It’s MY bike!  It’s the make and model, the color and all the accessories I want!  It fits me perfectly.  IT’S. MY. BIKE!

We work on it.  We clean it.  We ride it.  We talk to it (yes you do).  It’s crazy, but it’s true.  Somehow, I feel like I’ve let it down in some way, but as one of my followers on my blog put it, “it wasn’t you, it was the deer.”

Hank Motorcycle

Black Beauty

“Black Beauty” was set up just how I wanted her.  This bike was going to last me for a LONG time.  I had invested in thousands of dollars worth of accessories and engine modifications.  I had saved up for just this type of bike.  The color, the pipes, the engine, the wheels, the seat and the L E D lights and more.  Now, she’s gone!  I mean, how crazy is this to feel this way?

Only Bikers can relate.

While I continue to recover from the cracked ribs and wonder if I’ll ever ride again, I can’t help but think about all the memories this motorcycle brought me.

She took me to Texas this year to ride the Three Sisters with new brothers and sisters I had never traveled with before.  I LOVE Texas and have been there many times to ride the wide open Texas countryside.

She took me to Sturgis this year.  An incredible journey with some incredible partners.  Cutting across Kansas, rolling through South Dakota, Wyoming and on to Colorado. 

She took me to Deadwood and Wall South Dakota.  She took me through the Black Hills.  To Mt Rushmore and to meet Crazy Horse.  We visited Devil’s Tower.

She took me on the Million Dollar Highway and to Silverton and Ouray Colorado.  She took me to new friends in Colorado Springs that I rode with and it was me and Black Beauty.

Our motorcycle defines us in some ways.  Friends understand how much we love this lifestyle.  Brothers and sisters understand how protective we are of our bike.  As the saying goes, “if you walk away from your bike without looking back at it, you bought the wrong bike.”

I’m certainly grateful that I wasn’t killed on that day.  I’m grateful for my friends who were there and saved my life.  I’m filled with gratitude for all the doctors and nurses who made me well and I will ALWAYS remember Black Beauty for the miles and memories we made together.

This is a journey like no other that I’m on.  People like YOU who follow my travels and share your life with me is a blessing I would have NEVER had without this bike.  The power of the internet is on full display here and I’m grateful for you.

Maybe there will be another Black Beauty.  Maybe there will be more memories.  Maybe there will be more miles and more discoveries and adventures.

Only time will tell.