Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — Time is everything in this world.  What time is it?  How much time?  Do I have enough time?  Is it time yet?  I need more time!  There’s not enough time in the world!  Time heals all wounds.  Just give me time! 

What we do with our time defines us.  How do you spend your time?  Is it YOUR time?

Anyone who has been through an extended illness or injury can tell you that how you spend your time can either make you better or it can make you “batty.”  I’ve had a lot of time on my hands trying to recover from this accident and I’ve spent too much time worrying about things that I know will take care of itself, in due time!

I’ve replayed my accident a million times.  Did I REALLY see that deer in time to avoid him?  Was I going too fast?  Could I have done anything different?  How did we meet at exactly the same time?

You never think something like that will ever happen to you but when it does, your mind works overtime to figure it all out, but the bottom line is, there’s NOTHING to figure out.   It happened, and I lived to tell the tale.   Nothing more, nothing less.

Deer are in “Rut” so they’re everywhere.  Take a little drive down the interstate and you’ll lose count of the “victims” you’ll see on the side of the road.   It’s a wonder I haven’t heard of more bikers being injured lately. 

So how do I spend my time?

Healing.  Worrying.  Wondering.  Second guessing. 

Hank Motorcycle Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains  (Hank Bonecutter)

“Have you picked out your new bike yet?” friends ask.  “Are you going to get another Harley?” they wonder.  “Are you going to keep riding?” they ask.  The answer is that I have NO idea what the future holds.  I’m still in so much discomfort and it’s draining my energy, I haven’t given it a single thought.

Having dealt with depression, where ironically the motorcycle pulled me out of, I know first hand that an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop and the brain works overtime convincing you of things that don’t exist and problems that will NEVER happen.

So I “chill” and let time run it’s course. I’ve read tons of motorcycle articles and watched so many documentaries I could almost write a book.

The blessing of all of this is people like you.  Bikers who are constantly checking on me, praying for me, encouraging me and wanting to help.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything, but I also wouldn’t want to go through this again.

After my accident last year, when I finally got back on the bike, I remember the apprehension I had going into corners.  I remember the “jitters” I had and how “jumpy” I was for several weeks.  That went away eventually.

Is it time?  Is this it?  Or, “suck it up buttercup and get on with it!”

One of my dearest brothers has always told me, “if you ride, you wreck.”  Another of my closest mentors told me from the beginning, “if you ride, you WILL drop that bike.  We all do!”

I spend my time NOT consumed by it all, but just taking it one day at a time.  I will know what to do when the TIME is right, so in the meantime I’ll just continue to heal and try to be an encouragement to others.   

Thanks for following my journey and thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement!