Dodging the RoadkillClarksville, Tn — As we wait out the winter weather, and I continue to fully recover from the accident, I’ve been asked many times if I’ve been back to the scene of my accidents. 

The first one wasn’t as bad as the deer strike in November, but either way, I haven’t been back to the scene of the crime.

The first accident, I missed a turn and slid into the bushes.  Did about $1000 worth of damage to the bike.  I suffered a cut on my leg that eventually needed surgery to clean out the infection.  It took 6 weeks to fix me AND the bike.

The November deer strike occurred in Cadiz, Ky on a stretch of road that I ride ALL the time.  It’s one of my favorite routes.

I’ve had plenty of opportunity to ride the road where the first accident occurred I just haven’t.  Maybe subconsciously I just avoid it.  I’ve wanted to gather the crew I was riding with and actually finish the ride we started, and take them to lunch.  I really haven’t been able to show my appreciation since it happened.

Hank Motorcycle Wreck

My crew from the first accident. Love these peeps.

The November accident, I just haven’t had the weather or the time to take the ride out there and while I’ve already put 1000 miles on the new bike, I’m still pretty “tense” and “jumpy” when I ride.  Plus, I only put a couple of hours in because my ribs start to bother me and I call it a day.

I had a deer whistle put on the new bike, it gives me a little peace of mind that it’s there and it’s on.  Opinions are mixed as to whether or not it works, but for me, I feel better just having it.

Anyway, since I’m still trying to get my “sea legs” back with riding, I know that I MUST go back to where it happened.  If for no other reason, to complete the ride, but to visualize what actually happened and “see” it for myself.  I still don’t believe I’ve come to grips with how bad it was and how close I came to checking out.


At the end of the day, you just saddle up and go.  The accidents are just things that we all know could happen and if you’re going to let fear rule your life, then you might as well quit riding.  Quit talking about it and just go!

It’s been such a blessing to hear YOUR stories of accidents that you’ve had and walked away from.  I’ve chatted with so many bikers about my accident as they share their own journey with me and it strengthens me and brings me closer to bikers I would have never met without this platform.

Each and every one of them have told me that they went back to the scene of their accident and it helped them close out that horrible chapter of their journey.

I’ll let you know how it goes.