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Hank Bonecutter

Hank Bonecutter retired from broadcasting in 2012, ending a 40 year career as the owner of WJZM in Clarksville, Tennessee.  By the time he retired, he had seen it all, and been a willing participant.  Rock stars, record companies, groupies, drugs, late nights and near death experiences, came to an end when his first child was born.  It was then he realized that there were more important things in life besides him. 

18 years as a station owner and talk show host provided financial stability and supported his family.  After retirement, the kids were grown and gone, there was no business to run, nor a time sheet to fill out. 

Depression overcame him, leaving Hank wondering what was missing from his life.  Family and friends didn’t have a clue he was depressed.  Healthy, financially stable and with so much to live for and be excited about, there were days he simply couldn’t get out of bed. 

What was happening?  Why did he feel so bad?  There was NO explanation.

A chance meeting with a friend at the local Harley Davidson dealership introduced him to motorcycles.  Apparently, according to his friend, everybody Hank knew owned a Harley.  Thus began a journey that changed his life forever. 

Hank put 70,000 miles on his motorcycle in two years.  Traveling the country and blogging about the people and places he meets.  For the first time in his life he had passion.  There was a purpose in his life.  There were places to go and people to see, but more importantly, there was a message.

“How a motorcycle pulled me out of depression” was first published at www.clarksvilleonline.com, then printed in the March 2017 issue of American Motorcyclist Magazine.  The response he received after telling his story was overwhelming, and he knew that this would be his mission.  To share his story and to encourage those who experience this debilitating and destructive illness. 

As a speaker, his behind the scenes tales of life “among the rock stars and radio” is informative and sometimes surprising.  His years as a talk show host in a small town is revealing and sad at the same time.  

You won’t be disappointed to have Hank speak to your group or organization.  His years in broadcasting, stand up comedy, and public speaking will leave your guests entertained and informed, but more importantly, inspired. 

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